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How Many Months Is Quit Notice In Nigeria?


Several landlords have met a standstill a left stranded due to their unpleasant encounter with a provocative tenant making them resort to serving a quit notice, but before serving the quit notice it is important to know how many months is quit notice in Nigeria?

Or if you’re the tenant that is on the recipient side of frustration from a daredevil landlord who is constantly looking for all means to kick you out of his property, in this case it is important that you find out if the quit notice he has issued to you is long or short enough to comply with the law.

According to the provisions of the law, there is no default 6-month quit notice before ejection from a property. The time duration for legal notice of quit can in some situations be subject to the original agreement you had with the landlord’s when you first occupy the property.

The time frame can only be determined by the provisions of the law in a situation that there was no valid agreement made. Base on the provisions of the law, a notice of quit to a tenant is determined by the period of tenancy or mode of paying rent on the property.

The following table offers a description of the legal life span of a Nigerian quit notice as defined by the tenancy period:

Period of Tenancy

Life span Of Quit Notice

Tenancy at will 7 days
Weekly tenancy 7 days
Monthly tenancy 1 month
Quarterly tenancy 3 months
Semi-annual tenancy 3 months
Annual tenancy 6 months

However, tenants need to understand that they are expected to vacate the property at or before the expiration of the quit notice term, or the landlord can commence a formal eviction proceeding in a court of law to regain property and such tenant will be ready to face court action.

No matter what, the court frowns at forcible eviction of a tenant by the landlord. In a situation where the tenant is adamant to vacate the property at the expiration of the quit notice, the landlord is not expected to take laws into their hands in order to get the tenant evicted, rather commence a formal eviction proceeding in a court of law.

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