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Happy New Month Prayer Messages


Happy new month prayer messages majors on the messages you send on the first day of the month as the first day of the month is a significant and strategic day.

You decree things you want to see into that day as the first day is still very fresh and still buds.

Here are some Happy new month prayer messages you can send to your loved ones.

Happy New Month Prayer Messages

In this new month, I ask that the presence of the Lord uphold and preserve you. Amen

As we proceed into the new month, I decree that you experience financial blessings and breakthrough this new month. Enjoy a beautiful and blossom new month

I decree into the first day of the month that all you lost in the previous month be restored to you in fourfold. Amen

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so will nations come to the light of your rising, in Jesus’ name. Amen

In this new month, I decree that your going out and coming in is blessed. Amen

I see you breaking boundaries and limitations this new month. Amen

I bless you with eternal blessings this new month. It is well with you. Amen

You shall not lack mercy and favour these month

In this new month, all things begin to work for your good in Jesus name. Amen

This month shall be a month of months unto you. Amen

It’s a brand new day in a brand new month, I ask that every old piece of your life be made anew in Jesus name. Amen

Excel greatly in this new month.

May the light if the Lord shine on your path these new month, mag every crooked path be made straight in Jesus name. Happy new month

You are highly favoured and graced this new month.

I decree that this day be beautiful and that the beauty reflects on the remaining days of the month.

In these new month, I decree that the arrow that flys by day will not come near your dwelling in Jesus name

I also decree that your foot will not be moved this new month in Jesus name.

I decree and declare that in this new month you won’t lack anything Good in Jesus name.

I ask for a supernatural increase on every side.

You shall do valiantly and excellently this new month in Jesus’ Name.

Your horn is exalted like the horn of a unicorn

Break forth on every side this new month in Jesus name

The new month blesses you with favor, might, strength, capacity, peace in Jesus name

Though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, the almighty will be your protector.

The Joy of the Lord shall continually be your strength this new month.

Every devices and plots of the wicked will not come near you in Jesus name.

You shall lend to nations and you shall not borrow, your generations shall call you blessed this new month.

Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you in this new month

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