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Simple steps to Gtbank Cardless Withdrawal


Recently, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) launched cardless withdrawals through mobile applications that allow customers to use an ATM machine withdrawal slot without having to use an ATM card.  The expansion of this service in its 231 branches throughout the country was appreciated by its 1 million customers.

Simply put, it provides free access to your money online, so that you don’t have to use your ATM card or visit the bank to do so. Cardless withdrawal can be set up in three ways:

  • Using the Internet for banking
  • Using mobile banking
  • Codes for USSD

 USSD Code To Set Up Gtbank’s Cardless Withdrawal

The USSD code is used for this service

  1. Please dial *737#
  2. Choosing the cardless withdrawal option will open a new window
  3. Enter your withdrawal amount, and click OK
  4. Enter the last 4 digits of your GTbank ATM card
  5. The amount you requested will be debited from your with a 12-digit Ref. message sent to you on completion.
  6. Proceed to any  GTbank ATM
  7. To access GTMMoney
  8. Key in The 12 digits
  9. Enter  the phone number used to create the bank account
  10. Please enter the requested amount
  11. The ATM machine will request for your 4 digits and Ref number
  12. Then click on withdraw

There you have it; the cash will be delivered promptly. Please note that you will be debited N50 for this service.

mobile banking app cardless withdrawals

The following steps must be taken to activate the mobile banking feature for cardless withdrawals:

You will receive your USER ID and PASSWORD once you request the cardless service

To download the GT online banking app, GT World, use your mobile device’s internet connection

Log in to the mobile service with your USER ID and PASSWORD once it has been installed

Navigate through the page for cashless withdrawal option

If you want to withdraw from GTbank ATM, click cash out; (only GTbank ATM option)

Complete the form that pops up and click continue

Enter your 4 digit pin or token code

Click done, and your registration is complete

After this action, a reference code is immediately sent to you via SMS. You can then proceed to the ATM and complete the withdrawal.

ATM Withdrawal Instructions

Go to any GTbank ATM nearby and follow these steps:

The ATM will then prompt you to enter your PIN

Choose the cardless withdrawal option

You will be sent a reference code by text message

The amount entered should be the same as the original amount

Once you’ve entered, press enter

Take your cash after your transaction has been completed.

Known as an innovative institution, GTbank offers its customers the best customer service experience. This is how GTbank is revolutionizing banking in the country.


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