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100 Intersting facts about Kissing & Kisses

  1. World Kissing Day is celebrated annually on July 6. The birthplace of the holiday is considered to be Great Britain, where at the end of the 19th century they decided that a kiss, being a manifestation of love, is worthy of having its own holiday.

  2. The human lips are 200 times more sensitive than fingertips.

  3. 5 calories are burned during a kiss on the cheek. A “French” kiss will deprive you of 26 calories.

  4. Italian couples who had the longest kissing session kissed for 31 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds in amrathon kissing session. The lovers had to interrupt this activity only because the man became ill.

  5. 66% of people prefer to kiss with their eyes closed.

  6. Kiss normalizes acidity in the mouth. Kissing every time you eat can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

  7. Kiss slows down the formation of stress substances that disrupt the production of insulin in the body, cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure, muscle atrophy, inhibit the process of tissue regeneration and damage the cells of the brain Brain.

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  1. Kiss stimulates the work of the heart muscle: in men up to 110, in women up to 108 contractions per minute. Instead of the usual 20 breaths per minute, the kissers make 60.

As a result, the blood flow is activated, the supply of organs and tissues with oxygen is improved, which has a very beneficial effect on the work not only of the cardiovascular system but also of the lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder.

  1. For the endocrine system is a useful kiss on the lips – stimulation of nerve endings on the inner mucous lips improves the activity of the pancreas and adrenal glands.

These organs enhance the production of their own hormones, which, in turn, “encourage” the production of special hormones – neuropeptides, under the influence of which lovers forget about their experiences and feel happy.

  1. 29 facial muscles are involved during the kiss – increased blood supply improves the nutrition of facial tissues, the skin improves tone, and fine wrinkles are smoothed. That is why the famous “French” kiss can be called a remedy for aging.

  2. 2 weeks is spent by the average person on kissing for his life.

  3. 278 different cultures of bacteria are transmitted from person to person during a kiss. 95% of them are not dangerous.

  4. Patients who are regularly kissed by relatives and loved ones recover faster than “untargeted” patients.

  5. In 50% of people, the first kiss happens before the age of 14.

  6. The average European kisses about 7 times a day, young people – about 12 times, spouses with “experience” and people over 50 years – only about 2 times. 12% can’t remember the last time they kissed.

  7. Love kissing inhibits the formation of glucocorticoids – hormones that cause anxiety and stress. Scientists have calculated that three twenty-second kisses can lift your spirits for the whole day and suppress stress hormones that cause high blood pressure and cause insomnia.

  8. Studies have shown that kissing stimulates the same areas of the brain as skydiving, rubber rope jumping and long-distance running. Kisses are pleasant and useful from different points of view.

  9. The science of kissing is called Philemonsology

  10. .An obsession with kissing is called Philamamania
  11. There is the fear of kissing and it’s called Philimaphobia
  12. People who wake up from a kiss start the day with a more positive attitude.
  13. People who kiss make it a daily rite to kiss their partner every morning are unlikely to be tired from the day’s work, less likely to be involved in a car accident on the way to work and live five years longer.
  14. A 1-minute kiss takes 109 kilojoules (26 calories).
  15. The kiss of adults lasts an average of 4.5 seconds.
  16. When kissing and shooting a gun in the body produced the same hormones.
  17. During a passionate kiss, all the muscles of the face are involved.
  18. Some scientists believe that kissing improves skin condition and circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, relieves headaches and helps us feel younger.
  19. Some scientists have suggested that there are special neurons in our brains that help us find the lips of a loved one in the dark.
  20. For the first time, 50% of people kissed before the age of 14.
  21. The average inhabitant of the Earth spends 336 hours of his life kissing.
  22. Some scientists claim that those children who are kissed more often in infancy tend to grow up to be smarter people with creative abilities and critical thinking.
  23. During a passionate kiss, people exchange about 5 million bacteria with each other.
  24. During the kiss, you can get mononucleosis (inflammation of the gland) and herpes.
  25. During the kiss, more saliva is produced to prevent tooth decay. Saliva clears teeth of harmful bacteria.
  26. The probability of catching a common cold is higher when shaking a handshake than when kissing.
  27. Contrary to the English custom of kissing under a branch of omela at Christmas, nothing terrible will happen if you refuse a kiss.
  28. If the bride does not cry after the groom kisses her during the marriage, it does not mean that the marriage will necessarily be unhappy.
  29. If your nose is itchy, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be kissed by a fool.
  30. In ancient Rome, a kiss was considered a treaty that formalized marriage.
  31. Roman emperors allowed themselves to kiss according to the position of the person who exerts such a sign of reverence. Important persons had the right to kiss the emperor on the lips, less important – kissed the hand of the emperor, and the most insignificant – the leg.
  32. In Europe, a kiss became a sign of love drive in the 6th century.
  33. Ancient Egyptians instead of kissing rubbed their noses, as modern Eskimos do today.
  34. The Chinese began to kiss only after they saw kissing Europeans.
  35. According to legend, whoever kisses Blarney’s stone at Blarney Castle in county Cork, Ireland, will receive the gift of eloquence and persuasion.
  36. The kissing tradition under the mistletoe comes from the custom of killing a bull under the mistletoe.
  37. Chimpanzeebo bonobos kiss in order to relieve stress.
  38. If a dolphin likes a person, he kisses him.
  39. 63% of dog owners regularly kiss their pets.
  40. French is called a kiss, in which kissing touches each other with their tongues. But it wasn’t invented by the French.
  41. Men who make a daily rite to kiss their wives in the morning before going to work earn more than those who do not.
  42. The book “Ananga-Ranga” (like “Kamasutra”) says that those who quarrel need to kiss so that they forget about their quarrel.
  43. “Kissing basketball” is a type of basketball, in which a couple needs to throw in the basket as many balls, without interrupting the kiss. I wonder how they decide who won?
  44. Hershey’s Kisses chocolates have been produced since 1907. Kisses they called workers in the factory, who noticed that the machine producing them as if kissing a conveyor belt.
  45. Canadian porcupines are fond of kissing each other on the lips.
  46. If in medieval Italy saw a man hugging and kissing a woman in a public place, he could be forced to marry her.
  47. The kiss was first shown on screen in the 1896 film Kiss.
  48. The classic silent film “Don Giovanni” (1926) – the record holder for the number of kisses shown on the screen. There are 127 of them in total. The title role was starring the famous actor John Barrymore.
  49. Eskimos, Polynesians, and Malaysians rub their noses instead of kissing.
  50. The ancient Romans kissed each other in the eyes or lips as a sign of greeting.
  51. In pre-revolutionary Russia, the highest form of public recognition was considered to be the kiss of the tsar.
  52. In the Victorian era, etiquette required men to kiss women’s hand.
  53. The standard form of greeting in Europe is still a kiss on both cheeks. It can be repeated twice, four, six and as much as you want.
  54. Representatives of some African tribes pay tribute to their leader, kissing his footprints on the ground.
  55. The longest underwater kiss lasted 2 minutes and 18 seconds. It was recorded on April 2, 1980 in Tokyo.
  56. In the U.S. state of Indiana, it is forbidden by law for a man with a mustache to “regularly kiss people.”
  57. In the American city of Hartford, Connecticut, it is illegal if a man kisses his wife on Sunday.
  58. In the American city of Cedar Rapids it is considered a crime to kiss a stranger.

What Kissing Does to A man

Apparently, kissing can really cause food allergies. At least, the researchers came to such conclusions, led by Dr. Rosemary Hallett3. They studied the medical history of 379 patients allergic to nuts or seeds, of whom 20 said the allergy developed after they kissed another person.

Maybe that person ate something that caused the allergic reaction. Researchers report that in most cases it was moderate and expressed only in itching and in the swollen contact area. But in four cases, patients had difficulty breathing.

The most serious case was seen in a three-year-old boy, who was kissed on the cheek by his mother, just trying pea soup. The boy had such a severe allergic reaction that he urgently needed to be sent to the hospital.

Hallett and his colleagues write: “Most people probably don’t know that an allergic reaction can come from kissing. Since one-third of the observed reactions occurred during visits, information about this type of contact with allergens should be available primarily to adolescents and young people.” Alison Klein from Somerset, New Jersey, USA

Kissing facts & kiss benefits

Kisses are really capable of prolonging life. Studies show that life expectancy depends on lack of stress, low cholesterol and a high degree of satisfaction from close relationships. And all three factors are directly dependent on kissing!

In one study led by Dr. Corey Floyd, 52 adult subjects were divided into two groups. One group was instructed to “increase the frequency of romantic kisses with their partners,” while another group was asked to continue kissing as before.
After six weeks, the researchers found that “the experimental team demonstrated improvements in the perception of stress, satisfaction from relationships and lower total serum cholesterol”

The voice is an important factor in sex appeal. Just as people are attracted to physically healthy bodies, they are also attracted to healthy voices. People, as a rule, want to find suitable partners. This is both in their own interest and in the interests of the evolutionary development of our species.

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