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Facts about Eden Hazard: 10 things you do not know about Hazard, the new signing of Real Madrid


Eden Hazard is a Real Madrid player and Bernabéu is one of the best players in the world who plays with the ’10’ in honor of his idol Zidane. Here are 10 facts about Hazard the new signing of Florentino Pérez.

  • Eden Hazard is already a Real Madrid player.

After many years chasing him from both sides, the Belgian star reaches the Bernabeu to lead the new project of Zidane in the white bench. Did you know that the attacker carries the ’10’ in honor of his coach this season? Here we tell you the best curiosities of the new Florentino galactic.

  • His mother was also a footballer

Hazard is a family man and it was his parents who put football in his veins.

His father Thierry played in the RAA Louviéroise of the second Belgian and his mother, Carine , was a professional soccer player in the First Division of Belgium until getting pregnant with Eden.

  • He scored three goals ‘drunk’ in his farewell to Lille

Hazard said goodbye to Lille on May 20, 2012 and with the third place secured before the last game, the Belgian and his teammates decided to go out and take ‘something’ the night before the clash they had to play against Nancy.

The player now Madrid was his hand, and despite being in poor condition, scored three goals in his goodbye. The story was told by Rio Mavuba in the English newspaper The Independent .

“We were sure that we finished third, and the next day we had to play against Nancy, it was the last match of Hazard , and we wanted to organize something.” We decided to go for a drink and it lasted a little. The next morning, Eden was still drunk He had not even slept, he drank all night and he put a hat-trick in thirty minutes, “

he said.

  • He started playing soccer at age four

Eden Hazard began to emerge from very early, specifically at age four at the Royal Stade Brainois, hometown club. There he was almost ten years before playing in a reserve club of Lille, the Tubize.

  • Take the ’10’ in honor of your idol Zidane

The great idol of Hazard was always Zidane and the player has never denied that he has always felt devotion for the now coach of Real Madrid. In fact, he has the number ’10’ in honor of a Zizou who also has a predilection for the attacker who will now lead his project.

  • He’s a fan of the New York Knicks

Hazard is a declared supporter of the NBA and specifically the New York Nicks . In addition, an unconditional faithful of Porzingis.

The 8 facts about Hazard, the new signing of Real Madrid

  • He married his longtime girlfriend and has two children

Hazard is married to Natacha Van Honacker, his lifelong girlfriend. With her, he has had three children, Yannis, Leo and Sammy.

  • The famous history of the Hamburger

This story went around the world. In a duel against Turkey in 2011, Hazard was substituted in the 60th minute of the match and left the stadium to eat a hamburger with relatives. For that reason, it was sanctioned during two parties.

“The sauce of that hamburger was my favorite … I still ask my mother to bring me to London from time to time, I made a stupid thing, the history of the hamburger … We still laugh, it’s what made me a legend of the national team “,

reported years later.

  • He did not want to play with France

Hazard debuted with Belgium in November 2008 and before that date France tried to recruit him but he was clear: “I feel 99% Belgian and 1% French.”

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