Home News Education Expert – Professionalism, Structure – Keys for Employing a Nanny

Expert – Professionalism, Structure – Keys for Employing a Nanny

Expert – Professionalism, Structure – Keys for Employing a Nanny

Professionalism and structure are essential elements of child care and are important to child growth and work with parents to help children grow. The founder of the Nanny Academy, Amara Agbim, announced this saying during the 10th anniversary celebration of the Institute; most educated Nannies understand the importance and the need to obey contracts. A comprehensive curriculum penetrating to facilitate a shift of mindset is favoured over sandwich training packages of order to achieve this degree of professionalism. 

Agbim provided an insight into the complexities of the growth and development of this important social service industry. He said it is unfair for employers to believe that people take up their job due to a lack of wages or any other work to be done. “Kids are not always easy to manage, and we can avoid pretending that the majority of babies in childcare are poor because they could not find a” real “job. It’s not true that they play because they’re searching for something easy and they’re not looking for something out of laziness. Speaking of why misuse does not hinder professionalism, Robert Half, recruitment manager, Chichi Okiche said, “If you have a trained Nanny, you don’t have to think about taking the place of parents.

“A trained Nanny understands that parents are the primary caregivers of their children and are available just to help assist parents to provide a nurturing environment for children. As long as parents are able to create the time to bond with their children despite being away at work or even being a stay at home Mum, children will always know who their parents are and love them for it”, she said.


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