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Top 20 Dating Sites and online Communities in Nigeria (2021)


Some people are still of the opinion that online dating site is a no go area when you are in search of true love, some even feel it’s like pouring water into a basket, but we cannot neglect the beautiful stories of people that found their spouse online.

Nigerian online dating sites connect together people seeking companionship, true love, and commitment.

Well, the risk of dating online can be on the ratio of 20 to 100, depending on your interest in taking the risk.

In this article, I will be making a list of the top 10 dating sites in Nigeria.

20 Best Nigerian dating sites

Goods company can be very hard to find if you are looking in the wrong places. It also becomes very difficult to find someone who understands their habits, thinking and way of life. This is one reason why some people like to choose a partner from the community to which they belong.

But, again, the heart wants what the heart wants. Besides, you’re here for two reasons, you’re a Nigerian or you’re African who loves charming manners of a Nigerian woman or man. With hope and the desire that you find your soul mate, friend, or just a casual date partner, we presents a list of the top 10 dating sites in Nigeria

1. Friendlite

Friendlite is one of the top dating sites in Nigeria. The site was launched in 2012 and has since then been among the top social dating site Nigeria has.

The site not only features connecting love birds together, but its members also share photos, videos, create events and much more.

The site also has the best design and layout amongst all the Nigerian dating site making the user experience a pleasant one. The site has about 84,000 registered members and a daily visit of 9,000 members.

2. Sexy Naija

The site debunks as one of the best free and most established dating site in Nigeria, having started off as far back as 2005.

One unique thing about the site is that it only offers free service, no premium members. The site also features blogging applications, chatting, instant messaging and much more. With Sexy Naija, you will have a unique user experience.

3. Tinder

Tinder is a mobile dating application made available for blackberry, Apple and Android users.
It is a very popular dating app that connects people within and outside the country ranging from London, Newyork, Lagos, and Abuja.

One unique thing about the app is that after you have downloaded it and have filled every detail to keep you logged in if you are into someone and the person also likes you in return, Tinder notifies you so that you can connect together.

It was rumored lately that the popular Tinder has been taking over by Runz girls, hence love seekers are advised to tread with caution.

4. Naija planet

Naija planet users have affirmed that the site is 100% free and communicate a language that is understandable.

The site also features chat rooms, video galleries, instant messages and more. Naija planet was launched in 2008 and it attracts about 3000 daily visits and a registered member of about 44,000.

5. Christian NG

The Christian NG’s site is a free online dating site for Christians in Nigeria. It provides an excellent user experience with secured privacy settings. The site features matches for a date, member share videos, and photos.

6. Nigerian

This is another dating platform where you get to meet and chat with single men, women, girls, and boys.

It has an online dating community which when you are registered, you get free access to chat rooms, message boards and much more.

7. is an online dating site that exposes you to a lot of people and then chooses the right person for you.

One intriguing thing about this website is that it connects you to single men and women living within your locality.

You are also allowed to select who you are interested in, instead of being matched with someone automatically.


Afroromance is an interracial dating website that is quite different from the dating websites I have listed below as it displays the age, faces, and interests of women. The website has also connected a lot of whites and blacks to marriage.

It’s a Black and White Singles interracial dating site. And the website has had recorded success of uniting black and white people together and a good number end in marriages at the altar.

Singles who want to date different ethnicities and people of other cultures are usually matched together to see hundreds, if not thousands of members in search of a partnership!

9. (Web & App) is one of the most popular dating sites in Nigeria which is not only a website but also has an app made available for Android and iTunes. The website features singles from within and outside the country.

Baddo is an online platform where you meet with singles who wants true love and a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

Religion Dating Sites in Nigeria for Christians and Muslims

10. Muslima

Muslima, just like the Christian NG is an online dating site specifically for Muslims.
Although the website is not a Nigerian website, it provides a platform for Muslims to find love as no dating website covers for that in Nigeria.

However, the site has a larger portion of Nigerian Muslims. Muslima is an easy to use website, except that you can only use the website after you have provided them with the details about your Islamic denomination and your knowledge of the Quran.


Christians NG is a free platform for singles or people who are looking for relationships and friendships online, the web is an especially religious-based relationship platform for people of Christian faith, it gives its users outstanding and exemplary user interface and secured privacy use.

Christains NG has been one of the leading social networking platforms in Nigeria since its launch and the best Christian networking platform for single people in Nigeria.

Members are able to search matches for dates, post pictures and photos, also they can put up upcoming events, forums and clubs, read the latest news and play interactive games on a single platform along with other participants.


Nigerian Christians Singles is another faith-based dating websites where you can find practical girls and boys online. It is possible to search for boys’ and girls’ names online to find the new participant and also see who’s available online. has the same Christian ideals and values as an online Christian group of single men and women.

This forum acts as another hub of committed Christians seeking for true relationships and friendships. Yes, this group is built with the expectation that the relationship that ensues between Christian men and women should be entertaining and enjoyable, so they put up the dating site to simplify the process giving you full control of your search for a life partner or companion.

13. Meet Me (Web & App)

Meetme is yet another social dating app also popular in Nigeria, the platform is made of amazing functionality and overall user-friendly Social Networking. Meetme is rated the world’s second-best dating platform today. You can ignite a conversation almost immediately with other users online. is the creator of this social media app that is available for download on Android. You can check out who saw your pictures on this site and match them with members on the site.


The list of popular Nigeria’s best dating sites will not be complete without making reference to is a fast-growing adult dating community in Nigeria for an immediate hookup.

As you quest for an adult partner to take them to the next stage, hundreds of people of your field are looking at you and also ready to hookup.

15. POF (Web & App)

PLENTY OF FISH MEDIA (POF) owns this internet dating community. It is one of the Uk, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, and the United States ‘most popular dating sites. It is also available as mobile app on android.

POF is a popular dating site that enables you to find dating and relationship partners. It was founded in 2003 as a social hub for persons who are interested in getting involved in marriages, company, friendship, dating, and love. One fascinating thing about the popular dating platform POF is it is available in nine languages.

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