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Daniel Kolenda Biography, Wikipedia, Age, testimony, Books and Sermon

This is the Information page of Daniel Kolenda Biography. Find out more about his family, ministry, age, testimony, spiritual father- Reinhard Bonke, books, sermons, and his Wikipedia.

You will learn about the renown preacher’s Wiki details, Net worth, books, Sermons, Marriage, Testimony, and other lesser-known facts.

Who is Daniel Kolenda?

Rev. Daniel Paul Kolenda III is a well-received Gospel preacher, renowned Evangelist, a husband, and father.

How old Daniel Kolenda?

Daniel was born on June 9, 1981, Daniel Kolenda age is 38 years in 2019

Where was Daniel Kolenda Born?

Daniel was born and bred in Florida, USA.

Who is Daniel Kolenda’s Parent?

We know for sure that Kolenda was born into a preacher’s home but details on the name of his parents are a bit under the hood.

Is Daniel Kolenda Married?

Yes. Daniel is married! The name of his wife is Rebekah Kolenda.

How many Children Does has Daniel Kolenda?

Daniel and his Wife Rebekah have welcomed five children.

Who are Daniel Kolenda’s Children?

The names of Daniels Kolenda’s Children are:

  • Elijah
  • Gloria
  • London
  • Lydia
  • Benjamin

Where does Daniel Kolendar Reside?

Daniel and his family resides in Orlando, Florida.

Daniel Kolenda Biography

Daniel accepts the gospel since his childhood, precisely at the young age of 6, and started preaching as a young believer when he was 14 years, till date the world-renowned preacher has led more than 21-million people to accept the Gospel of Christ in massive open-air evangelistic crusades.

While talking about his spiritual calling he said:

As a young boy, I felt the calling to preach the gospel. I used to ride on my bicycle from house to house knocking on doors and witnessing to anyone who would listen. As a teenager, I started street preaching. Today, I do the same thing I have always done, just on a larger scale.

“When I was 16, I was part of a revival that had an impact on the entire world. I had an extremely personal and deep experience of the Holy Spirit that I can only describe as my baptism by fire. It changed my life and made evangelism my life’s goal”.

The missionary succeeded the world-renowned evangelist Reinhard Bonke and he is now the CEO of Christ for All Nations (CFAN) a missionary outreach that has successfully circulated more than 190 million books, in 104 languages and in more than 50 nations of the world.

The fifth-generation preacher graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.

Most o Daniel’s ministerial experiences are from working alongside Reinhard Bonnke who he professed to be his spiritual mentor and spiritual father. The duo has toured the globe together preaching the Gospel in unison.

More Facts on Daniel Kolenda

  • Daniel Kolenda is a Church Planter and a previous pastor
  • He hosts internationally syndicated television broadcasts
  • Daniel is a powerful preacher that has through his anointing liberated many and performed miracles
  • He is the current CEO of Christ for All Nation (CFAN)
  • Daniel Succeded Reinhard Bonke in the ministry after 50 years of touring the globe and leading people to Christ in several open ground campaigns.
  • Kolendar met with Evangelist Bonnke while working in a warehouse. Bonnke supported him financially as knowing that he is a young preacher who just planted a church.

Bonnke disclosed in 2011 in an interview with Charisma Magazine that he was attracted to Kolenda because he see that he has the

”Holy Spirit’s anointing. He had been baptized in the Holy Spirit as I had, and he did not approach anything in his strength alone. I saw also that he was a doer like me, listening and obeying the voice of the Lord”.

List of Daniel Kolenda Books

  • Your Kingdom Come
  • Unlocking the Miraculous: Through Faith and Prayer
  • Live Before You Die-The Experience (Book + 3 DVDs)
  • The Judgment Seat of Christ
  • Span-Unlocking the Miraculous: Through Faith and Prayer
  • Vive antes de morir: ¡Despierta a la voluntad de Dios para tu vida!
  • Shaken by the Gospel (How to Pray (Video))
  • The Mystery Of The Magi
  • Vive antes de morir / Live Before You Die
  • Surviving Your Wilderness
  • Live Before You Die: Wake up to God’s Will for Your Life

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