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500+ cute nicknames for grandma in different languages


Our grandparents are one of the people that have made great impacts on our lives. Grandmothers more especially could be so special to us for the remarkable words of wisdom and tales or stories they told us years back.

Those unique recipes that would only come from grandma are those things that keep us tight with them.

Now you are an adult and for the love you have for your grandma, you would like to give her an interesting nickname which will keep her emotions lively each time you call her by the name.

Here in this article, I have given you great suggestions as to nicknames you can give your grandma.

It not arguable that sometimes our grandmas could be stubborn and insist they choose the names themselves. Let her choose the name herself because I believe her being happy is a priority. Let us move on then.


To begin with, there are names that see commonly given to grandmothers. They could be referred to as standard nicknames for grandmas because they have become a sort of tradition passed down from to us from times past. You could choose any from the list:

  • Granny
  • Grannie
  • Gams
  • Gram
  • Gammie
  • Grandmama
  • Grandmum
  • Grandma
  • Nanny
  • Nan


You could be stylish enough to choose a nickname for your grandma from the list of names for grandma in various international languages. You may want to try a new language by giving her an ‘alien’ name:

  1. In French (Grand-meré)
  2. In Italian (Nonna)
  3. In German (Oma or Omi)
  4. In Spanish (Abuela)
  5. In Polish (Babecia)
  6. In Greek (Giagia)
  7. In Portuguese (Avó)
  8. In Swahili (Bibi)
  9. In Danish (Mormor)
  10. In Irish (Mhamo)
  11. In Hungarian (Nagymama)
  12. In Russian (Babuska)
  13. In Japanese (O baachan)
  14. In Hawaiian (Kuku Wahine or Tutu)
  15. In Korean (Halmeoni)
  16. In Afrikaans (Ouma)
  17. In Igbo in Nigeria (Nne nne)
  18. In Albania (Gjyshe)
  19. In Dyirbal in Australia (Babi or Gumbu)
  20. In Hebrew (Savta)
  21. In Somali (Ayeeyo)
  22. In Lithuanian ( Senelé)


You want to recreate your grandma, giving her a cute name would go a long way in doing that. These cute names are actually sweet and they sound really interesting. These names will make her feel new and alive thereby keeping her longer. Make your choice from the list below:

  • Lolly (Grandpa will then be Pop)
  • Bunnie
  • Cookie
  • Gee
  • Geema
  • Tinkerbell
  • Honey
  • Granny Pie
  • Mini-Ma
  • Queenie
  • Sweetie
  • Honey
  • Tootsie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Pittypat
  • Mermie
  • Momsy
  • Granny cupcake
  • Darling
  • Dearest
  • Lala
  • Bebe
  • Coco
  • Sweets
  • Mumzy
  • Ban-nana
  • Mimi
  • Maymay
  • Yaya
  • Lola
  • Candy
  • Sassy
  • Tennie
  • D-Mama
  • Gimmy

There are funny names too which will always leave faces glowing and hearts light. Make your grandma feel cool by either choosing or suggesting these funny names:

  • Golden Girl
  • Insta-Gram
  • GrimGram
  • Thatcher
  • The Oldster
  • The Antique
  • The Matriach
  • The Big Boss
  • The Relic
  • C Moma

More nicknames for grandmas

Nana Mormo Farmor Oma
Mimz Mimzy Mociute (maternal Lithuanian) MomMom
Momo Momsie Momu (maternal Aborigine Australian) MooMaw
MooMoo Amma Apa Bobo
Bibi Bamaw Bammaw Big mama
Bubble Dama DaMa Dammaw
Eema Eemaw Ema G
Gada GadGee Gadgi Gadgy
Gama Gamma Gammi MumMum
Muner Munga Mutti Gammy
Gami Ganna Ganni Ganny
Gani GanGan G-ma Gommie
Gommy Gram Gramma Grama
Grammie Grammy Gramommie Grams
Grana Grananny Grandma Grand gran
Grandma Grand mom Grand mother Grand Nan
Nagyanya (Formal Hungarian) Nahnee Naini Nain (maternal Northern Welsh
Nali’ (paternal Grandmother American Indian Navajo) Nami Nan Nani
Nana Nanna Nanni (maternal Grandmother Urdu India) Nannie
Nanny Nanu (maternal Bengali) Nenek (Indonesian) Nenibe (Malagasy)
Neske’e (maternal American Indian Cheyenne) Ngin (paternal Grandmother Cantonese) Nina Nini
Ninny Nkuku (maternal African Botswanan) Nona Nonna (maternal Italian)
Nookmis (American Indian Ojibway) Nookomis (American Indian Ojibway) Granma Gran mama
Gran Mom Granna Granny Gumma
Jamma Mamaw Mamey Marmi
Marme Maw Maw May May May Mee
Mema Meema MeMaw Mimaw
Memo Meemo Mimo Mee Mee
Avoa Bebia Grossmutter Oma
Yaya Gigia Jaryi Kapuna Wahine
Puna TuTu Kuku Savta
Safta Nagyanya Yanya Anya
Amma Thankur ma Dida Didima
Daadi ma Ajji Daadi Naani
Dado Nenek Obaasan Oba Chan
Sobo Obaba Halmoni Vecmate
Sitti Bubby Bubbe Naina
Naini Nain Mamgu Danh Ta
Ba Be gia Bausia Ene
Anneanne Babanne Buyuk Anne Yai
Ya Pathi Teta Jadda
Gross Mami Mor Mor Stara Mama Babicka
Baba Mica Maataamahii Pitaamahi
Buncica Avo Babka Babcia
Jaja Zsa zsa Busha Gigi
Nanna Nenibe Senele Mocitue
Da Daadi (paternal Grandmother Urdu India) Daadima (maternal Hindi – India) Dandy
Danh tá (maternal Formal Vietnamese) Deeda DeeDee DiDi
Deedle Dida Didima (maternal Grandmother Bengali  – India) Dido
Donda DooDah Elisi (pronounced similar to ay-lee-see) (maternal Cherokee) Enisi (ay-nee-see) (paternal Cherokee)
Fafa (paternal grandmother Danish) Farmor (paternal grandmother Sweden) Grannie GrannyMama
Grootmoeder (Dutch) Grossmami (Formal Swiss) Grossmutter (Formal German) Guggy
Gummy Hajurmua – shortens to Mua  (Nepal) Halmoni (maternal Korean) Hammaw
Henna (maternal African Berber dialect) Honey Hopie Jaja
Zsa-Zsa Busha Gigi (maternal informal Polish) Jaryi (maternal Guarani)
Kapuna Wahine (maternal Formal Hawaiian) Kuku Tutu Puna (maternal Informal Hawaiian) Ma-Gar
Ma-maw Ma’saani (maternal American Indian Navajo) Maataamahii (maternal Grandmother Sanskrit) Madar Bozorg (maternal Farsi)
MaeMae Mah-meh Maimeo (maternal Informal – Irish/Gaelic) Makhulu (maternal African Venda dialect)
Mamaay (paternal Aborigine Australian) Mamae Maman Mamar
Mamgu maternal Southern Welsh) Mami Mamie Mamm-Baour (Breton NW France)
Mamm-gozh (maternal Breton) Mamo Mamoo Mater
Abbie or Abba Bambi Ba-nana Boomie
MawMaw (maternal Cajun) Meema Meemer Meepa
Memere Metzmayr (maternal Armenian) Mimi Bubbles – for a grandma with a bubbly personality!
Bunny Cha-cha Cookie Dear
Darling Dearest Fluffy Granny Cupcakes
Granny Mammy Granny Pie Honey Huggy or Huggly – perfect nickname for the Grandma who loves hugs!
Lolli or Lulu Lovey Mermie Mini-Ma
Bamba Bebe Belle or Bella CC
Thatchar The prune Creaky Granky
Insta gram Golden girl MainMa – For the grandma who had a formative place in your life. Grammager – The perfect funny nickname for a grandma who likes to manage everything.
Grandzilla – A funny nickname for the grandma who can be a bit of a monster! GrimGram – For the grandma who doesn’t have a sunny outlook on life. The Oldster The Matriarch
The Antique Time traveller The Big Boss The Relic
The Fossil Hellfire – For the religious grandma who is fond of a bit of ‘hellfire and brimstone’. Baby Kochamma – Named for the grandma in ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy Napa – For the wine-loving grandma!
Nano – For a small grandma. Cee Cee Hempstock – From the grandmother in Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’. G-Ma
Lia Nimi Nima Pippa
Pippy May may Momsy Moo-Moo
Muffy Nanoo Nooni Peaches
Pittypat Pumpkin Pie Queenie Snuggy or Snuggums
Sunny Sweetie Tootsie Twinkles – For the grandma with a twinkle in her eye.
Meme Mimi Mima Mimma
Mimsy Minny Moma Momaw
Momo Mom Mom Momsy Mum
Mums Mumsy Mumsey Nama
Namma Nan Nana Nanna
Nanny Ne-ma Nene Nini
Ninna Ninny Ninni Gjyshe
E-Ni-Si Neske’e Ma’saani Nali’
Nookmis Nookomis Nona Nonna
Noni NoNi NoNee Nonni
Nonny Ona Jaddah Jiddah
Tatik Amona Babka Mamm-gozh
MawMaw Iaia Àvia Ngin
PoPo Zumu Wài pó Baka
Bedstemoder Farmor MorMor Grootmoeder
Avin Va naema Madar Bozorg Apohang babae
Lola Isoaiti Mummo Bomma
Avoa Onna   Gigi
Yaya Mawmaw Savta Geema
Booma Lola Meme Gramms
Ouma Pippy Pippa Poppy
Teenie Teeny Nai Nai Banma
Grammie Grumpa Ama A-May
Mega Oma Opa Mawa
Giggy Mumzie Dedushka Wang
Oba-Chan (maternal Formal – Japanese) Obasaan(maternal Formal – Japanese) Obaba (maternal Informal – Japanese) Old Meme
Oma (maternal informal German, Dutch) Ommy Ouma (maternal Afrikaans) Hammy
Nandy Lolo Pop G Top
Nanu Naina Ami Aimee
Ammy Babe PoPo (maternal Cantonese) RahRah
RooRoo Safta (maternal Hebrew) Sasha Sassy
Savta (maternal Hebrew) Seanmhair (maternal Formal – Irish/Gaelic) Senele (maternal Lithuanian) Sitti (Lebanese)
Sobo (maternal Formal – Japan) Stara Mama (maternal Slovenian) Sugar Tata
Tatik (maternal Armenian) Teta (informal Arabic & Syrian) Thakur-ma (Bengali Paternal – India) Tipuna Wahine (Aborigine Polynesian Maori dialect)
Toots TuTu (Informal Hawaiian) Babo Ugogo (African Zulu dialect)
Umakhulu (African Xhosa dialect) Una Bacca Bamba
Bama Bamma Bella Birdie
Bon Bon Vanaema (Estonian) Vavo VuhVuh
Vecmate (Latvian) Cece Cici Coco
Dally Dandy Fancy Fammy
Wài pó (maternal Grandmother Mandarin) Weeto Ya (maternal Grandmother Thai) Yai (paternal Grandmother Thai)
Yanya Anya (Informal Hungarian) Yaya Gigia (maternal Greek)
Fo-Ma Faux Ma Foxy Gaga
Gandy Mom Gangy Gan Gee G-Dawg
Zeidy Zsa-Zsa Busha Gigi
Jaja (informal Polish) Zumu (paternal Grandmother Mandarin) GG Gidget
Ginja Parnana Parnani Nana
Nani Ma Mausi Mausa
Mama Mami Moma Mo Mo
Maure Me Bamaw (Bammaw) Bubbie Bumps
DaMa Dammaw Eema (Eemaw) GadGee (or Gadgi,Gadgy)
GaMa (Gamma) Gammi (Gammy, Gami) Ganna Ganni (Ganny, Gani)
Gommie (Gommy) Gram Gramma Grammie (Grammy)
Gram-mommie Grams Granana Grananny
Grandma Grandmom Grandnan Granma
Granmama Granmom Granna Granny
Gumma Mamaw Mamey (Mammy) Mammaw
Mams Marmi (Marme) MawMaw MayMay
Maymee MeMa (Meema, MeMaw, Mimaw) MeMo (MeeMo, Mimo) MeeMee (MeMe, MiMi)
Mima (Mimma) Mimmy Mimsy Minny
MoMa (MoMaw, MoMo) Mum Mums Mumsy (Mumsey)
Nama (Namma) Nan Nana (Nanna) Nanny
Ne-ma Ninna Ninny (Ninni) Nona (Nonna)
Noni (NoNee, Nonni, Nonny) Ona Onna May May
Pilo Mausa Grand Mommy Grand Momsi
Mamusa Maoru Mie Mie Mo Mo
Moiesy Babchi Boompa Big Momma
Gran Mary Big Ma Bema Bella
Bea Baw Barkerino Birdie
Babloo Bah Blah Daido Blue Granny
Brown Granny Boop Bee Bomp Boppa
Bop Bop Booma Bps Naunee
Budda Buck thead Budna Buddy
Gigi Daddor Busia Jaja
Butchy Gummy Busia Jaja
Dappy Chicken Nana Cesha Dead Nana
Bul Bul Chief Chappy Cracker
Gin Gin Ciaba Grumpa Grams
Choclote Shirley Cookie Cukoo Cup cake
Gummy Bear Nemo Fred The Baby
Spot Little Flower Blue Nuggie
Little monkey Zu Gina Lilly
Cutie pie Fluffy Candy Cotton Candy Maggie
Penny Jamie Toby Lisa
Ted Barbie Princess Little angel
Nen Noon Anina Cloud
Ege Angus Baxter Calvin
David Callum Benji Beckett
Asher Daves Augustus Fitz
Monty Phil Phillip Oliver
Ollie Remington Vincent Billy
Vin Turman Thaddeus Wim
William Tad Baby Bat Baby A
Blueberry Cornbread Bug Gus
Lagniappe Spout The Beebs Tadpole
Popper Spawn Fee Tee Gummy
Belly Orange Lola Dove
Fruity Cheese Blush Tomato
Rainbow Cat Lemon WOW – Mom upside down
HoneyDeux – Grandmother was Honey mother was HoneyDeux Grandma Jeep Grandma Honda – Grandmas of boys Grannie back on the farm
G mom Geeda Geda Geezer Girl
Gita Gee MA Glamama Glammy
M. Gogi Gogo Grammar
Mooma Mommoo Mom Mom Mombo
MoMar Momette Modie Minny
Mini Miami Mia Memot
Me Mom Mee Mer M’dear Maysi
May May Mayna Manni Mama Mia
Mami Mammi Lola Lela
Leelo Lilo Layla Lally
Lala Kitty Hamma Gummy
Grea Greah Graylor Gran Manny
Grani Granni Granee Granita
Granette Granan Grandy Grandi
Gran Dee Grandiose Momsy Mona
Monee Mumica Mummers Mumu
Muna Nano Nanima Naunee
Necie Neema Noma Nother Mother
Nimo Other Mother Onie Pama
Pebbles Pippa Poma Pomma
Salsa Soosa Sugar Sugie
Shugie Tama Tamma Tammy
Tamsy Tee Ma Uma Umma
Vanna Womba Wela Ya yo
Yama Yana Abba Bambi
Babbo Banana Beemar Big Mom
Big gram Abba Bambi Bamboo
Banana Beemer Big Gram BiggieMa
BiggieMama Booma Boomie Bubbles
Bunny Cha-cha Chatty Ciaba (cha-bah)
Cookie Dear Dearie DearMa
Dizzy Dodie Doodie Dooty
Gabby Gabby Gadget Gitchey
GoGo GoMa Grammug Grampoo
Grancie Grancy Grandmutter Granny Mame
Tutu Mimi Gma Goma
Bubbie Nanny Mamey Momsy
Noni Ona Maayy Momu
Zumu Wai po Aanaga Avo
Babushka Bubby Busia Grimmi
Grinni Grinny Happy Honey
Huggy Hugs Hugme Jamagramma
Jamma Khakie Kakie Lolly
Lolli Lulu Lovey LoveyDovey
Lula Mamabear Mamacita Mambo
MaxiMa Mayzie Mermie Mini
MiniMa Mommo Momsy Moogie
Moogs Moo-Moo MoreMom MoreMama
Muddy Muffer Muffy Muff
Mumpy Mumps Nanamy Nanoo
Meme Lolly Nooni NuNu
Peaches Pittypat PomPom Puddy
Pumpkin Punky QueenB Queen Bee
Queenie Sew-Sew SewMa SloMa
Snuggy Snugs Snuggums Sunny
Sweetie Sweetums TeaMa Tink
Tinky Tinkerbell Toots Tootsie
Twinkie Twinkles Unni Upsy
Uttermutter Uddermudder Wicky Garrimaay
Mamaay Momu Tipuna Wahine Henna
Nkuku Ambuya Bibi Nyanya
Makhulu Umakhulu Ugogo Ouma


Now you can leave a comment of other nicknames you think is cool for your grandma in the comment section. Thanks for coming by.

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