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1000+ Cute Couple’s nicknames for your dear one


Hey, girls! How are you? Love? Then you’re sure to love these cute, affectionate nickname ideas for your boyfriends.

All couples in love use a nice nickname with their boyfriend or girlfriend, especially in privacy, when you’re alone, don’t you? A good nickname for a man is sometimes difficult to find, especially if none emerges naturally.

But don’t worry, here you have a lot of nickname ideas for your boyfriend, and there are for everyone. Cute, funny, loving, sensual and much more. Well, let’s get started!

Nicknames with the word love

My Amore
My love

It is a nickname that often comes naturally when two people love each other deeply. It makes sense that you call it “my love” or simply “love”. Of course, it works for both girls and boys.

The “love my” variant is the same as my love but in Italian. Or you can just call it “amore.” And when you’re alone, “love” can go very well. Don’t say it in front of his friends, please, because it’ll sound pretty cheesy, probably embarrassed about it and maybe he’ll be mad at you.

Nicknames related to his physical appearance

Good looking

Nicknames like “cute”, “beautiful” or “beautiful” also arise many times naturally, because if you love your boyfriend it is because you find it very beautiful, doesn’t it?

“Adonis” is a Greek god known for its stunning beauty. Legend has it that so much, that Aphrodite fell madly in love with him. If you’re looking for an original nickname for your boyfriend, “adonis” may be a good idea.

The word “fat” is often used as a nickname, even if the boy doesn’t have a kilo more. It’s just a loving nickname. And his diminutive “gordi”, it is even more so.

The same goes for “black” or “negri”. He may be the blond guy you’ve ever met, but affectionately well you can nickname him “negri”, “black” or also “nego”.

And if your boyfriend has big, beautiful eyes, you can either say “eyes.” Or if your hair is curled, “rulitos” or “ricites”.

My love
My baby

The first three or four examples are well known. “Darling” is “dear” or “dear” in English, “Honey” means “honey” and is a nickname widely used in countries that speak this language, the same “sweety” and “my love”.

Teddy refers to the famous “Teddy Bear”, which is “teddy bear” and “Puppy” is “puppy”. All very tender ideas, don’t you think, girls?

Tiger and Playboy will do very well for your boyfriend if he is strong and sensual… and if you like this kind of nicknames.

Nicknames that refer to your personality

My tiger
My crazy
Mr. Sexy
My superhero

These are more fun and tender ideas at the same time, to call your boyfriend with a nice nickname. If he’s a laughing, funny, strong or very intelligent kid, maybe you can call him “laughs,” “my tiger” or “brainy,” affectionately of course. Take a good look at the list, there are many nicknames to choose from.

The most tender nicknames

My life
My life
My light
Light from my eyes
My dear
My darling
My sun
My Solcito
My treasure
My Treasure
My king
My prince
Teddy bear

Well, the ones on the top list are the most melournful nicknames. You can use them if the relationship has enough time, that is, if there’s a lot of confidence and you know your boy doesn’t mind. If you’re both very spoiled, these nicknames will please you and him.

The sweetest nicknames

milk caramel
My sweet
Melon Heart
My Chocolate

The names of sweets and treats are also present among the most affectionate nicknames for your boyfriend. If he’s very handsome, you could call him “bombon” or “bombonazo” and if he’s a morocho, you could nickname him “my chocolate.” And if it’s horny, “my hot chocolate” may be a good idea.

Cheesy, but charming nicknames

Cute little thing
Cuchi cuchi
In the list above are the nicknames that look cheesiest, but i’m sure a lot of girls (and also boys, why not), they’ll love it.

But before we go on with the list of good nickname ideas for your boyfriend, let’s look at some tips on this topic.

Nicknames should be a sign of affection

And therefore, you must choose one that pleases your boy. If you call him “brain” or “my crazy” but he doesn’t like that at all because he points to a part of his personality with which he’s not very happy, then don’t repeat it anymore and choose another nickname. The same if you don’t like to be called “fat”, “body”or any other nickname.

Use the nickname you’ve chosen in the right places

Never, ever, ever call him by an extremely affectionate nickname in front of his friends, brothers or co-workers. And in many cases, not even in front of his mother.

These nicknames can only be used in privacy, when you two are alone and surely no one is hearing anything. If you call him “my little boy” or “cuchi cuchi” in front of his friends, he’ll hate you for the rest of his life.

And don’t think I’m exaggerating. Kids like to play “strong” in front of others, even if you know better than anyone who’s totally in love with you, surrendered at your feet. So be careful and don’t mess it up.

Highlights what he likes most

It is best to use a nickname that points to a quality or characteristic that you are proud of. For example, if he likes to do bodybuilding, you might call him a “fortachón,” or if he’s a hot, sexy boy, you might call him “Mr. Sexy.”

It is also worth highlighting with the nickname some intellectual or psychological characteristic, such as “peleón” or “sabihondo”.

He’ll give you a nickname, too.

If the relationship goes well and there’s trust, I’m sure you’ll have a nickname, too. The rules are the same: it must be a nickname that pleases you, that makes you feel good, and should only be used in certain areas. If at work you have to give an air of seriousness and professionalism, your boyfriend should not call you by your affectionate nickname when he goes to pick you up at work for example.

What if he doesn’t like any of the nicknames on the list?

Well, some kid may not like any of the nicknames listed above, because they’re very common, very melwise or very cheesy. Maybe it’s a good reason. So you’ll have to think about other options. And to help you think, we have more advice.

For example, the nickname you choose for your boyfriend might be based on his aspirations.

You could call him:

Future boss
Future lawyer
Medical medium
Future engineer
Future entrepreneur
Aspiring millionaire
Or whatever you like. If he has a certain physical resemblance to a celebrity, you might call him:

Mi Eros (by Eros Ramazzotti, but with second intention, because Eros also means “Love” in Greek)
My Ricky (by Ricky Martin of course, if you have a boyfriend so I congratulate you…)
My Enrique Iglesias
My Justin Bieber
My David Bisbal

Anyway, you see if any of these ideas can do your boyfriend good.

There are also sophisticated nicknames, for the most intellectual. Be careful when choosing one of these, you must be sure of its meaning.

They can be words related to some culture you like, some hobby, words in other languages, real or imaginary (Klingon, Elvish, Latin, etc.). Some sophisticated nicknames might include:

Mon Cheri (In French, “my dear”)
Angioletto (in Italian, “angelito”)
Schatz (“treasure”, in German)
Herz (“Heart” in German)
Mon Amour (“My Love”, in French)
Trésor (“treasure” in French)
Cucciolo (In Italian, “cachorrito”)

And there’s so much more, as many as languages and romantic words are in the world.

Did you know that couples who use nicknames are happier?

According to research conducted at Ohio University, happier couples not only use nicknames when they are alone but often have a special language, a language of lovers who use to communicate in such situations.

Many couples were interviewed as part of this study, some with several years of relationship and others newly married, and asked how they felt in their relationship and what were the idioms or nicknames they used with their partners.

The results saw that couples who used nicknames and other special ways of communication, with tender, real or invented words, had a more satisfying, happier relationship compared to those who did not use special language.

Of course they didn’t use special words all the time, but only in certain situations. So if one day you find yourself saying some extreme words tender or cheesy to your boyfriend, and he corresponds to you in the same way, that means that the relationship goes very well and that they will probably be very happy together.

Some psychologists think that when affection is really very deep, using the couple’s proper name seems almost inappropriate. Many couples are called by their first name only when they are angry.

Experts think that the use of special words and nicknames in the couple is a symbiosist way to show that they both belong to a unique world, made up only of you two.

Communicating in this way and calling themselves by their nickname they recognize themselves as belonging to that special world, which you have created because the relationship is so important as to develop a language of your own.

The most important thing is that the nickname comes naturally

If your boy doesn’t really like a nickname or doesn’t like the idea, then it’s best to let it come up spontaneously.

Maybe it will happen when more time passes and the relationship will gain confidence and solidity. Experts say that loving words and nicknames in couples have the same effect as children’s pampering.

If the caresses and words of your mother and father made you very happy when you were little, you will really enjoy these tender nicknames for your boyfriend. And the same upside down. He’ll love it if he had a good childhood, too.

When nicknames and tender words perform well, they help release a lot of chemicals in your brains, such as dopamine, phenylethylamine and oxytocin, which are closely related to feelings of happiness, well-being and Crush.

But beware, experts say this effect only works well and strengthens the couple when nicknames arise spontaneously.

Although of course, you can also try choosing one that both like and use it to strengthen the relationship with your boyfriend.

Famous couples also use loving nicknames

I’m sure girls will remember, when Shakira whitewashed her relationship with Piqué on Twitter, she referred to her brand-new boyfriend as “My Sun.” Today, several years later, they are very happy together and have two children.

Same with Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero. When he dedicated a song by Alejandro Sanz to his Facebook account, he referred to Sara as “Sim”.

We do not know well where that nickname has come from, but that is how good the nicknames that arise spontaneously have, in many cases they are very original and only the members of the couple know their origin and meaning.

And they say Victoria Beckham has given David a pretty particular nickname, he calls him “Goldenballs.”

So you already know, if your boy doesn’t like any of the nicknames on the list, you can still tell him Paco, Pepe, Fede, Lucho, Tito or whatever his friends or family call him. If the relationship advances in trust and affection, surely some nicknames will emerge spontaneously, and it is the best thing that can happen to both of them.

My Heart Mama Bear Shorty Bubby Babes
Kitten Sugarbooger Pudding Legs
Baby Booboo Cookie Cuddle Bunny Pumpykins
Butterfly My Sweet Baybeez Angel of Mine
Cupcake Tootsie Whoopsy Jelly Bean
Boo Better Half Angel Baby Babaganoosh
Lovey Sweet Lips Toots Schnookems
BonBon Pumpkin Lumpkins Honeybunch
Snickerdoodle Sugar Lips Goldilocks Sugarpie
Angel Peaches Juliet Hunny Bunny
Buttercup Schmoopy Woopy My Queen Pooka
Princess Dearest Baby Peanut
Cutie Patootie Peachy Poopsie Goober


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