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Cost of Drilling Borehole in Nigeria


You will agree with me that water is one of the most important natural resources that man cannot do without, hence the saying water is life.

Importance of Water

The importance of water is very numerous, we found its purpose in our day-to-day living, water is located everywhere around us and is essential to life, it is a substance with lots of interesting qualities.

Water is contained in all body fluids and cells making it a very essential part of living organisms, water accounts for around 80% of our body weight and the human body needs water and use a lot of that to dissolve food nutrients, dissipates away harmful substances, and as well act as a body temperature regulator and carrier of substances needed by the body for cells build up.

But not all water can be considered water. Consumable water for human have some properties that cannot be overemphasized and one of it is being colorless odorless and tasteless, as easy as all of these may sound the fact be told that there is a price to pay to enjoy good water that is free from germs microorganisms and suitable for body consumption.

Properties of Water

While water is a colorless, transparent liquid substance that is slightly bluish in look when in a thick layer, it doesn’t smell or taste. It has a melting point of 0°C and boils at 100°C, it’s maximum density is 3.98°C or 1.000g/cm.

From the scientist’s point of view, Water is a chemical compound that contains both hydrogen and oxygen with the molecular formula of H2O. It usually occurs with admixtures with the most common one being mineral salts. It may interest you to know that 97% of the water on the planet earth is salted water and only the remaining 3%is freshwater which can be found in glacis.

Cost of Borehole in Nigeria

In the course of this article, I’ll be sharing with you some information about the cost of water borehole drilling in Nigeria, specific areas, and what is obtainable in price in some states and geographical locations.

To start with, let me tell you that there is no fixed price to the cost of drilling borehole in Nigeria, that is because of the fact that there are different factors that determine the price of drilling balls based on location and soil properties.

in the next few lines I will share with you some possible factor that may affect or determine the cost of drilling borehole in Nigeria

  1. In most of the case your location determines how much you will expend on drilling of a borehole, and that is because the price of workmanship and raw materials varies from state to state.

  2. Another factor that is put into consideration is the cost of living in a particular state.

  3. Another thing to consider is the economic standard of the State, a state with lots of population, for example, Lagos, usually experience the high cost of borehole drilling and that is because of the ease of doing business in the state and the growing population.

Types of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria & Cost

Another factor to consider in borehole drilling is the type of process to carry out the borehole drilling. In Nigeria there are two main processes and the first one is the manual drilling and heavy-duty borehole drilling process.

Manual Borehole Drilling Price

The manual drilling usually requires more manpower than the heavy-duty drillings, and it also takes up to 7 to 10 days to complete the project.

Many people opt for you because it is relatively cheaper but the fact remains that it can be five times costlier if the manual drilling machine got stopped by an underground stone or rock that it could not crack.

the manual borehole drilling process in Nigeria usually costs between 150000 Naira to 400000 Naira depending on the location.

Heavy Duty Borehole Drilling Price

The heavy duty borehole drilling process deploys 2 and extremely powerful water well drilling machines that are far more efficient than the manual process. These machines are designed for borehole drilling to great depth and they are very suitable for remote areas or rough terrain and places with harsh working conditions.

This is a more bankable option than the manual drilling process owing to reasons that:

  • It requires less manpower
  • It is also more efficient
  • It takes less time than the manual process to complete

The cost of heavy-duty water drilling process in Nigeria can range from N500000 to N1 million, it may be more depending on your location.

some Borehole drilling companies required to have enough details about your water drilling requirements, that will help them to come up with something suitable for your need, in most cases they want to know how many people that the borehole will be serving, will it be a smaller house unit or for an entire location or district.

Borehole drilling companies will also demand that you do or they do for you a geographical survey that helps to determine the availability of water in your particular location, this as well can be a cost factor for your water borehole drilling.

We suggest you opt for the heavy-duty drilling because it will give you cleaner water and it will help you to avoid spending unnecessary overhead on your drilling project.

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