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100 Condolence Messages to Coworkers on Death of their Loved ones


How can I express my condolences for the death of a coworker’s family and friends? Mourning words of grief and support in times of need. The sincere words of condolence about death are short.

Death comes unexpectedly and brings a lot of heavy emotions. On the shoulders of loved ones lie not only experiences, but also the responsibility to organize worthy wires of the deceased.

The least you can do as a colleague or a coworker is to offer a condolence, Condolences are mourning words of grief that express sympathy for the death. Sincere condolences include a format of personal, personal treatment – oral or text.

Condolence Messages to Coworkers

In the obituary or public speech at the wake, condolence is also appropriate but should be expressed briefly, compiled below are some Condolence Messages to Coworkers on Death of their Loved ones

  • (Name) Soul is free now, but the empathy of the heart we share is still strong.
  • We’re always going to remember your friendship. He will be in our prayers all the time.
  • We hold the pain and sorrow in our hearts knowing that you have left us forever, leaving for the everlasting world. Our beloved brother, father, and grandfather will always love you.
  • May your wounds recover from the passage of time.
  • We’re not going to say goodbye to a man who never left our hearts ‘ creases. He will always be present in our hearts. He is always to be included in our prayers.
  • We’re for you here.
  • We are crying in pain over such a big loss. He will always be honored as he will be etched into our hearts ‘ deepest chambers.
  • Let God be your refuge in the fortress. Let him be your fortress, so you’ll never be broken. In fact, in this moment of sorrow, my words as His.
  • Know you have people who want to console you the most in this time of grief where a life is lost.
  • I / We are deeply saddened by your suffering (insert a grieving-to-deceased partnership here). He / she is going to be missed and I / we are going to include him/her in my daily prayers.
  • A strong heart stopped beating, a good celestial spirit grew, closer to God. The trauma of losing a brother and uncle will live in our hearts forever.
  • A prayer, a rose, a candle and sorrowful tears in your grave, our beloved grandmother.
  • Will God forgive and welcome his soul in the Garden of Eden, close to the throne he wanted and loved! May your wounds recover from the passing of time.
  • You are far gone, but our lovely husband, brother-in-law and uncle are always close in our hearts.
  • After the tears have dried up and the farewells have been said, all we have to hold on to is the fond memories that we have shared with our family and friends that have gone through, this is what keeps them going in our minds and hearts, and they will continue to live on through us. My / Our empathy.
  • Thoughts are useless in these moments of intense suffering… God rest his soul in peace and the angels to be with you all the time!
  • I/We Will God’s love comfort you as your heart’s sorrow abounds.
  • The picture of her gentle and vibrant face will never be ignored. Through God give the strength to bear the great pain to her eternal rest and the family.
  • Words can’t describe what I hear. I send my condolences to the whole family. May the love of God comfort you as your heart’s burden runs deep.
  • I’m sorry about your loss. During these hard times, our minds are with you and your friends.
  • May those around you care and love offer comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My / Our heartfelt condolences.
  • If you see stars above in the dark, your sister is the one that shines the best.
  • You can find comfort in memories of love.
  • Let yourself have time to grieve tears that can restore the heart.
  • (Name) is in the lord’s resting.
  • No one can understand how difficult a split is when one of our precious jewels passes on.
  • You’re looking for it and it can’t be found, you’re calling for it and it won’t hear you, you’re waiting and it won’t come. Only the everlasting love of our dear mother/grandmother remains in our souls.
  • I will dearly miss my best friend, but from this day until we meet again, the friendship we had will never be forgotten. Please accept my sympathy.
  • At this tough time in your life, we / I hope that God will give you the peace and serenity that you need to go through all of this. Stay strong and know that in our thoughts and prayers you are honored.
  • Stay strong and know that in our thoughts and prayers you are honored. We offer a holy tribute of respect, appreciation and a prayer to the person who was our world from our hearts broken by sorrow. I pray God to rest your soul in peace.
  • A very kind and sweet voice that is usually just a call away from the phone. I was really saddened by (name)’s death.
  • Even though life is now clouded by sorrow. And still; embrace family and friends ‘ love to keep you going for the future.
  • Your family is surrounded by many people’s love. May our God bless you and your family in this time of grief and consolation. Please accept my sincere sympathy.
  • To (name) the bereaved family. Our heartfelt condolences and sincere sympathies.
    I want you to know about friends who love you.
  • Allow others ‘ love in this time of grief to raise you up.
  • Death can never take away a good soul because for ages the legacy remains in the hearts of the people he influenced.
  • We have to recall our dearly departed through praying and great memories. During these difficult times, may the love of family and friends console you, our deepest condolences.
  • It will stay in our hearts forever to honor her beautiful and gentle spirit. May it rest in peace!
    Please let me know how I can assist you.
  • I’m sorry to hear about everything. It’s never that convenient. My condolences are with your family and you. In your time of need, please contact me.
  • Word’s can’t express the sorrow that we feel for you when coping with the death of (Name) Please contact me in your time of need.
  • You are in my/our heart / s and mind / s with your relatives. My / Our condolences on the passing away of your  (insert here the deceased person’s relationship with the bereaved).
  • We are filled with grief to hear about the devastating loss of (Name) In this moment of sorrow, our prayers are with you. You’re in our prayers and hearts.
  • May the love of family and the strength of friends support you in this moment of sorrow.
  • I am appalled by this sad news. It’s hard to accept. I share your pain of loss…
  • My heart is broken by yesterday’s news. I am worried with you and remember the warmest words! It’s hard to accept the loss of a man. Eternal memory!
  • The news of death is a terrible blow! It hurts to even think that we won’t see him or her again. Welcome my husband and I to your loss!
  • So far, the news of death seems like a ridiculous mistake! It’s impossible to realize it! Condolence for your loss!
  • I ‘m sorry! It hurts to even think about it, it’s hard to talk. I sympathize with your pain! Eternal Memory!
  • It’s hard to put into words how much we’re empathising with your loss! Golden man, what a little! We will always remember him!
  • “This is an incredible, catastrophic loss. The loss of a real man, an idol, an exemplary family man and a citizen of his country”(Ilya Segalovich).
  • Empathize with your loss! The death toll struck our entire family. We remember and remember as a worthy person. Please accept our sincere condolences!
  • A little consolation, but know that we are with you in the grief of loss and sincerely empathize with your whole family! Eternal memory!
  • “Words cannot convey all pain and sadness. Like a terrible dream. Eternal peace to your soul, our dear and beloved Jeanne!” (The Tomb and Monument of Jeanne Friske)
  • An incomprehensible loss! We’re all grieving the loss, but of course, it’s even harder for you! We sincerely sympathize, and we will remember all our lives! We want to provide any help that is needed at this moment. Count on us!
  • Sad… I respect and remember your loss! The least I can do today is to help. At least I have four empty seats in the car.

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