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5 Best Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria


There is no profession that doesn’t have an organization, it’s the organization that will control the affairs of this profession, such as the process such a person must follow, before becoming independent in such a profession.

Considering the digital age we are currently into, it’s of great importance for all computer professionals at any level to belong to one organization or the other, which is why we shall be talking about the 5 Best Computer Professional Bodies in Nigeria.

Regardless of your status, be it you are a student or working, you should be under one body.

Right from when you enter into a higher Institution and you are studying a computer-related course your department will be automatically placed under one computer professional body, however, you may not know the importance of these professional bodies, which is why we shall be explaining them in this article.

You may be wondering if it’s really necessary for you to fall under one professional body, as a computer scientist, engineer etc, well it is, let’s briefly examine the importance of these professional bodies.

Functions Of Computer Professional Bodies In Nigeria

Joining a professional body of computer or ICT related professional will make you get acquainted with how things are being done in the sector. In case, there are any job opportunities, they will be made available for members.

There will be rules and regulations which you must follow, and also, there will be a stipend which you have to pay as a registration fee. You may not know what you have been missing until you join a group.

List of Computer Professional Bodies in Nigeria

Briefly, let’s examine the best five computer professional bodies in Nigeria.

1. The Nigeria Association Of Computer Science Students (NACOSS)

The Nigeria Association of computer science students, is a professional body, for all those who are studying a computer-related course or doing work related to computer technology. This body has a mission to enhance the computer Technology lifestyle of Nigeria.

NACOSS was developed in 1993, to control the affairs of computer technology in Nigeria. In addition, this body is duly supported by NCS.

Any students studying computer-related courses in any higher Institution, and you are under this professional body, you will be referred to as Nacossite.

You can register to become a Nacossite by visiting the official website.

2. Computer Professionals (Registration Council) Of Nigeria (CPN)

As is stated earlier, there are several computer bodies in Nigeria, which stand to maintain the sweet flow of computer operation in Nigeria.

Another computer body, which is a professional body for all computer science experts is CPN. They regulate the affairs of all computer experts, there are rules and regulations which you must follow before you will be allowed to be part of this body.

Once you are part of this body, you will be placed on the same platform with other members. This will give you an edge to mix with other members who are your members and share minds. You can register directly on their websites.

However, once you gain admission into a higher institution, you will be automatically registered, if your department is under this international body.

3. Nigeria Computer Society

Nigeria Computer Society came into operation in Nigeria in 1978. When they first started their operation, they were a computer association of Nigeria, however, they later had a collaboration with some other stakeHolders, which made them have a change of name to Nigeria computer Society.

Presently Nigeria computer Society has been able to build a very strong and reliable community, for all computer experts, and students studying computer-related courses at one level or the other.

It should be noted that you may not be able to apply as an individual to join this professional body Your school, or organization will be the one to register you.

4. Information Technology Association Of Nigeria (ITAN)

ITAN is a popular professional body for computer experts, and students at all tertiary Institution levels, studying one course or the other related to computers.

ITAN has gained good recognition in the country and has a lot of members. They are the fourth best computer professional body in Nigeria.

Needless to say, there are a lot of benefits, all their members stand to benefit, you can register to become a member, on their official website.

5. The Institute Of Software Practitioners Of Nigeria

Here comes the last but not the least, of the best professional bodies in Nigeria. This body has been in the country for decades, controlling the affairs of people in the computer world.

As the name implies, this body deals with the implementation of software usage, grooming people on how to develop software, enlightening them on its usage, and many more. This body has gained so much recognition in the country, that it now has thousands of members.

How To Join A Computer Professional Body In Nigeria

If you are in a University, polytechnics, or college of education studying a course related to computers, you will automatically register under a desired computer professional body.

You won’t need to decide or have to think before choosing one, your school will decide which one is best, but you will be required to pay the registration fee.

However, if you have a company or organization that’s into computer-related stuff, and you want to register it, under one Professional body, you can compare all these bodies, and choose which one is best before applying to register. You will be able to register via each body’s official website.


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