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How to check MTN data balance


Checking your MTN data balance is not a daunting task except when you’re new to the network.

MTN is one of the biggest providers of telecommunication services in Nigeria and they have attracted millions of users to use their data bundles by giving mouthwatering data bonuses just like Glo likes to do too.

So if you’re looking for how to check how much data you have left of your MTN data plan, this guide is definitely for you.

These three super simple ways to check your data as an MTN user, you can check your data balance via USSD code which is the commonest and perceived to be simplest, next you can check via SMS and finally you can check via the MTN mobile app if you’re a smartphone user.

Methods to quickly check MTN Data balance

In the next few lines below, we shall explore all three ways to check your MTN data balance.

1. USSD code

Like I earlier hinted, checking your MTN data balance via USSD code is the simplest way to approach things. The method works on all types of devices be it smartphones or CDMA phones.

The USSD code to check your MTN data balance is *131*4#, then press the send/call button, instantly, you will receive an on-screen message from the network telling you what plan you’re currently on and how much data you have left on the plan.

2. Via SMS

The second method to check your MTN data plan is by sending text messages. A simple short message to the number dedicated for data balance is all you need to do.

  1. To get at this, open the SMS app on your mobile phone, create a new SMS,
  2. Key in “2” as the content of the message
  3. Key in “132” as the recipient of the message.
  4. Once sent, you should instantly receive a response in form of sms on your mobile, the content of the SMS will show your active data plan and remaining data balance on the network.

Via MyMTNApp mobile app

The final method we’ll be exploring as far as checking your MTN data plan is concerned is using MTN mobile app. You need to have an Android or iOS smartphone to do this.

  1. First, proceed to the google play store for Android users and iOS users can use Apple’s app store to download the app.
  2. Search “MyMTNApp” then download and install
  3. Launch the app and key in your phone number
  4. You will be sent an OTP code to your mobile for ownership verification
  5. Next set your username and password to login into the app
  6. From the app, you navigate around quite a lot of functions such as buy data, check balance, buy airtime, see data balance, and more.

That’s it on how to check your MTN data balance using the three easiest methods.

If you have any questions, you can use the comment section below, we’d try as much as a possible to reply in good time.

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