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How to Check Glo data Balance (2021)


How do you check your MB on Glo? MB meaning Megabyte is what some people prefer to call data.

In whatever way, it occurs to you here is a simplified guide on how to check your data balance and any bonus that you may have on the Glo network.

Data plans and bonuses that are given to subscribers by the Glo network usually come with an expiry date and validity. Send a post to also be able to see the expiration or validity period of your data plans or bonuses in any case it applies to you.

Is one of the leading telecommunication network providers in Nigeria today and the company life itself to as the grandmasters of data and that is because Glo remains the only network that is so generous with data for their subscribers?

I will maintain that the network still has the cheapest data plans in Nigeria today, their network delivery has also improved a lot than what it used to be in the past years. Don’t be surprised if you get double your data plan and that can only happen on the Glo network.

Even with all of the juicy data plans that are offered by Glo, you still need to be able to check your data balance from time to time to see how much data you have assisted and how long it remains for your data to be out.

It’s why we have put together do simple guide to show you how you can check your MB balance on Glo.

The process is pretty simple and basically three ways that you can go about it.

Firstly you can check your Glo data balance online, the most popular method to check your data balance on the Glo network is via SMS, lastly using the USSD code. I’m going to be showing you all of the three methods and how you can use them to find out your remaining data balance.

Check Glo data using USSD

To check your data balance on Glo using USSD, you should just dial *777#, this will work just fine on any of the device that you would have probably on an iPad iPhone Android or just about any device once the device can connect to the Glo network you should be able to use USSD to check your data balance.

On my screen press 1 for data

On the next screen press 4 to check my data balance.

A lot simple USSD code method to check your Glo data balance is to dial *127*0#

How to check Glo data bonus

I have seen a couple of online reports here and there asking you to check your Glo bonuses by dialling *122#, but that’s misleading and probably it can be an old USSD code that has been made dormant by the network provider.

However, to check any bonuses you may have, be it data or airtime, you can check SMS reports sent to your mobile when you subscribed to a plan or when you recharge airtime, Glo has a fun way of splashing bonuses on their customers when they just subscribed to a plan or recharge their lines.

Check Glo data balance Via SMS

Checking your data balance using the SMS method is pretty fast and smart. Everything happens almost instantly from the time of typing the message to the moment your data balance is sent to your SMS inbox.  To do this, open the SMS app on your mobile phone then send SMS to 127, the content of the SMS is simply INFO. E.g. info to 127. The service is free to use.

Check Glo MB balance online

check glo data balance online on Glo_HSI_Portal

If you are currently surfing the internet on your PC with your Glo line, then it’s easy to check your data balance with a single click online. All you had to do is visit the Glo HSI dedicated portal on your PC or mobile device.

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