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Does Rice cause constipation in babies?


Once solid foods are introduced into children’s diets, their bodies begin to undergo some transformations. Parents or carers only start giving solid foods after the young are six months old.

And it takes time for children’s digestive systems to get used to new foods. So if the children’s intestines become dry or hard, and it hurts while they poop, then they may suffer constipation.

Yes, rice cereals are usually the first solid food that is fed to the child. But as soon as you present it to the diet, you will notice a change in the bowel movement of your little one.

This is mainly due to the fact that until now it has been used for breast milk, which is relatively easier to digest. Because of the low fiber content in rice cereals, it may not be so easy to digest, resulting in discomfort and pain at times. So if you’re going to introduce rice cereal into your child’s solid diet, make sure it’s gradual and in moderation.

Other foods that may cause constipation to babies:


Carrots are essentially rich in fiber but may lose some of their fiber content once cooked or boiled. Therefore, children find it difficult to digest carrots that are either crushed or boiled. We know that it is not really possible to give raw carrots to the little one. But, try to avoid even cooked or boiled carrots, because they could cause constipation.

Unripe Bananas

Mature bananas are often suggested by people to provide relief during constipation. However, if bananas are not perfectly ripe, they may end up causing constipation instead.

Children may find it particularly difficult to digest starch as their bodies may not produce adequate enzymes to do so. And, unfortunately, starch is one of the main ingredients of sour bananas.

In addition, bananas are made up of this component called pectin, which could cause the formation of hard stools. So even if your child is munching on ripe bananas, make sure you don’t overdo it.

what do you do if your little one has constipation? You can feed it with fiber-rich foods such as plums, pears, peaches, oatmeal, brown rice, and berries.

These won’t be as difficult as low-fiber meals on your baby’s belly. But, of course, moderation is a golden rule as overeating could cause indigestion

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