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Bisola Aiyeola Bio, age, Father, Daughter, State, Fame

Welcome to the Biography page of Bisola Aiyeola. Find out more about her career, deceased husband, child, state of origin, phone number, age, Nationality, interests and other facts about her.

Bisola is one of the Big Brother Naija superstars. Ever since the show was concluded she has made so many news and interesting facts, facts about herself, her career, family and Child. In the course of this post, I shall explain some of those in details.
Bisola is a talented, beautiful and well-spirited being, she proved in the BBnaija house. Even though she didn’t win in the show, but she has made a lot of names and build fame for herself due to her dispositions and engagements even after the show, In the Bbnaija season 3  2018 Edition Bisola is one of the most accepted and has a lot of fans.

To start with, Bisola is an entertainment sensation that is talented in acting and singing, she also anchors ceremonies and events, and people have attested that she does that so well.

Bisola has become popular and has attracted more than 2.5 million followers on her Instagram alone, let alone her Twitter and Facebook pages. We can’t emphasize enough how much Bisola shower love on her family, you will agree with this looking at some of her family pics shared across her social media pages. On her IG page, you will see heart-warming photos of her and other family members, like her daughter, brother, mother, and sister.

For many who don’t know, Bisola has dual citizenship, by birth Bisola is British due to fact that she was born in the United Kingdom and also having Nigeria parents she is Nigeria.

Bisola also made a lot of mark for herself, ones which contributed immensely to her fame and career in the 2008 MTN Project Fame where she emerged 5th

Bisola is a single mother and has a beautiful daughter named Leyla Olakitan Joan Olanrewaju. After she emerged one of the finalists in the 2018 BB Naija TV Show, she became extremely popular in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.  Coming to a few details on her educational background, she had bagged a degree from the National Open University where she studied Business Management.

She had previously confessed in some interviews how has shown her struggles and wealth, but we shall come to that in the next few lines below. She was actually born with the Silver spoon meaning that she came from a wealthy family and knew no big life challenges until she was 8 years old when her family struggle financially and was forced to relocate to a remote area in Nigeria.

She had to stay with her cousins and started fending for herself very early in life.  She worked as a salesgirl and market beauty products to women, she used that to get some earnings for herself, it was far from her ambition.

Her career went full-fledged when she came in contact with a prolific producer in the entertainment frontal- one named Malcolm Olanrewaju a producer, more than just work, they got into a relationship, a romantic one at the start that produces a beautiful, innocent and lovely girl.  With time, several issues start to crop up in between her and lover and they had to go their separate ways. Bisola, however, disclosed that she broke up due to physical assault and abuse.

On the part of the producer, he maintained that there was no physical abuse, but they had to break up due to their personal differences. In the BB Naij house, she got involved with a fellow housemate thin tall Tony and they reportedly had some romps.

never knew that Tony is a husband and father of two kids, not until the show ended. She has put all past behind her and now in a new relationship with Jeff Akoh.

Her daughter Leyla is 8 years old, but it is lovely that she gets to have a better life than what her mother has when she was eight. Bisola is very humorous and multitalented, she can dance, sing, act and do a lot of funny things.

Bisola Aiyeola Facts

  • Bisola was born in Britain
  • Bisola Aiyeola has a daughter
  • Bisola is an OAP-on Air personality on Radio and TV
  • She has a daughter called Leyla.
  • Bisola Birthday is  21st January 1986.
  • Her age is 33 years old in 2019 and she will 34 years old in 2021
  • Bisola was also one of the first contestants of the MTN project fame show in 2008, where she came 5th position losing to Iyanya in that show edition.
  • From 2011 to 2013 she anchored a TV show on Silverbird for billboard Nigeria.
  • She was nominated for City People Movie Award for Revelation of the Year (English) alongside Zainab Balogun, Somkele Iyamah, Seun Ajayi.
  • Abisola is part of the radio station WFM 91.7 (Nigeria’s 1st Radio station for WOMEN and their families).

Bisola Net Worth

Bisola Aiyeola net worth 2019 UNDER REVIEW
Bisola Aiyeola net worth 2021 $200,000 dollars

Bisola Aiyeola Teeth

The former BBN Star decided to visit the dentist to get are teeth issue sorted out, she proceeded to her Instagram page to share her what her fan called ‘a well-defined teeth’

Bisola Movies

 President for a day The patient 
The outlaws 
 Forever Within Us 
 Something Wicked 
 The Life Of A Nigerian Couple (2015) 
 Skinny Girl in Transit 
 Picture Perfect (2017)

Bisola Aiyeola Phone Number

It is hard to see the phone numbers of celebrities on public domain, but that doesn’ t mean they cannot be reached if you have some important conversations to have, you can contact Bisola on her social media pages and start a conversation; be it business or private from there.

Bisola Aiyeola Instagram

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