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Which are the best shoe making schools in Nigeria?


Fieldmann Enterprise Development course is the first one we would like to discuss.   The company offers vocational education and advisory services to Nigerians who wants to learn and start a business in shoemaking/manufacturing.   The shoemaker course is one of their most popular courses, because it gives students a great deal of knowledge on how to get started and professionally in the art of shoemaking.

Istituto di Moda Burgo Nigeria

The prestigious course in shoemaking at Istituto di Moda Burgo Nigeria is one of the most comprehensive courses available in the country right now, although it pricey but you are sure to get all the impartation you need to achieve your dreams as a shoemaking entrepreneur.

NCRDesign Shoemaking School 

The NCRDesign Shoemaking School offer different courses focusing on various shoe types. What you choose to learn determines your tuition rates which seems to be a good one for those are already half way and looking brush up on their skills.


Octoxii, a shoemaking school located in Lagos. They offer programs for beginners as well as experienced students and their tuition is pocket-friendly

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