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10 Best Romantic Places for Honeymoon in Nigeria


So you’re getting married soon and decided to head on a honeymoon in Nigeria? You’ll have a tough time finding the perfect place to stay.

That’s because it’s not as easy as just booking a hotel. It takes time, research, and lots of patience. We’ve compiled the best places for honeymooners in Nigeria so you can find your dream spot and save time.

Honeymoon is the most important time in one’s life. It is a time to indulge in everything that you want, with no strings attached.

For those who are planning their honeymoon and are struggling to find the best place to visit, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria.

1. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar

Obudu Mountain Resort is breathtaking and offers a perfect location for couples looking to spend their honeymoon.

Its scenic views are what make it so attractive, as well as its close proximity to the Cameroonian border in northeast Cross River State Nigeria.

Obudu Mountain Resort is the perfect destination for couples looking to take their honeymoon in Nigeria. This wonderful tourist attraction site offers visitors an experience of pure bliss and serenity that can’t be found anywhere else.

2. Le Méridien Ibom Golf Resort

The Le Méridien Ibom Golf Resort is a place to go for your honeymoon! Located in Akwa Ibom state, this public recreational resort will give you the natural appearance that you’re looking for.

The hotel has amazing housing and services, with tasty cooking and tons of activities so that both new weds can have quality time together without ever running out of things to do.

The all-around Le Méridien Ibom Golf Resort is a perfect site for honeymooners in Nigeria. The resort has an astounding place to stay, giving the feeling of being close to nature with its location on rich palm woods vegetation and natural look.

There are also exceptional facilities that make it enjoyable including tasty cooking and activities suited towards couples who need quality time together away from their busy lives as newlyweds.

3. Sencillo, Lagos

Sencillo, Lagos

If you’re looking for a luxurious honeymoon destination, Sencillio is the answer.

This private retreat features stunning views of Lagos and unparalleled amenities including internet access and jacuzzi baths.

A luxury beach house with an all-white design and a jacuzzi. Sencillio is located on Ilashe (Lagos) so if you’re looking for the perfect tropical getaway without breaking your budget, this place might be worth checking out!

4. La Manga Luxury Villa

La Manga Luxury Villa is the destination for you and your loved one to get out of town with a little bit of luxury.

With its Spanish architecture, rooftop jacuzzi, private lounge, swimming pool – just try not to spend all day in it!- massage room and beachfront living area furnished kitchen barbeque grill area will make this place feel like a home away from home.

If you’re looking for an oasis where love can blossom then La Manga Luxury Villa has got what’s needed: privacy tranquility comfort relaxation seclusion romance

The perfect honeymoon starts at Lagos’ newest luxurious villa offering peace & quiet while enjoying amenities that would delight any traveler such as their own personal pool or Jacuzzi on their own private deck; a 20-metre² sundeck with outdoor barbeque grill area, perfect for romantic dinners and parties for up to 15 persons.

The villa is equipped with state of an art entertainment system such as a 42′ television in the bedroom 25′ TV in the living room & a 28′ LCD in the dining room. It also boasts of a fully-equipped private gym with a treadmill and exercise equipment for the fitness buff.

With its own virtual golf driving range; entertaining barbecue areas, sunken tubs on every balcony & air-conditioned bedrooms La Manga Luxury Villa has everything you would need to give you and your loved one an amazing holiday experience.

Having its own private beach and just 200 meters away from Lagos Marina, shopping area & restaurants will make you wish to extend your vacation even further.

5. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a gem for honeymooners and one of the best vacation spots for newlyweds as it sits along the Lekki/Epe Expressway.

Honeymoon couples can enjoy great activities like climbing, chasing, swimming, and kayaking at the resort’s seashore!

The resort boasts of a sexy terrace with royal views of the expansive beach, in addition to a helipad.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is one of the best resorts for honeymooners because it offers a unique combination of splendidly accented décor and soul-stirring location. It’s easy to find love at this idyllic place!

A natural tree-house setting, secluded beach access, and breathtaking uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Ocean are a few features that make La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort an ideal romantic getaway.

This resort is located on a private island just off Lekki Peninsula in Lagos State. Its location is close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone that houses some of the world’s best hotel brands including The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, and Sheraton Hotels.

The resort has a private beach with sun loungers and parasols. Honeymooners can take a dip in the blue water or get indulged in an exciting water sport.

Tropicana Beach Resort has a conference hall and an event center that can accommodate weddings, receptions, conferences, and other important events. Making it ideal for couples seeking to have their dream wedding in a sophisticated yet rustic setting!

6. Epe Resort and Spa, Lagos

Epe Resort and Spa in Lagos is the perfect destination for honeymooners who want to experience a little bit of everything.

The five-star hotel has fantastic cuisine, cultural experiences like exploring traditional Igbo villages, water sports on one side, or relaxing by their beautiful poolside lounge chairs on the other.

It’s also home to some gorgeous views from its hilltop location overlooking Epe town!

Espe Resort and Spa offers an unforgettable escape for couples looking forward to experiencing just about anything they can think of during their special time together as newlyweds: fine dining with delicious dishes that will make any foodie swoon; culture excursions into historic towns where you’ll learn more about Nigeria’s rich history firsthand; breathtaking scenery with views of rolling hills and canopied trees; cultural entertainment like dancing, drumming and singing with the locals; all in a relaxing atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more!

What do we love about Epe Resort & Spa? It’s perfectly positioned in quiet surroundings where everyone is relaxed and able to focus on their own private needs. The resort is super romantic and also practical, offering a wide range of activities to suit every couple.

Imagine being taken by your loved one on a relaxing cruise across the lagoon; then you discover that it’s leading you into an enchanting village with canopies of trees overhead, like something out of a medieval movie scene. Only when the boat stops do you realize: this is your new bedroom!

Epe Resort and Spa is a 5-star resort, with the exquisite cuisine of traditional dishes as well as international options. For your honeymoon or just for the romantic touch, order one of their picnic baskets which will be delivered to wherever you are staying at Epe. Pack it full of delicacies from around the world by Chef’s Delights!

Epe Resort And Spa offer five stars accommodation in Nigeria that comes complete with “delicious cuisine” among other amenities like spa treatments.

The hotel also provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy themselves even more through specially selected packages including arts & crafts programs during weekends when there aren’t any weddings scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays; these art projects could include painting workshops where participants paint each other’s faces or local crafts and jewelry made from indigenous materials.

Also during the weekends are special cultural events called “Epe Experience” where people of Epe town display their culture to guests in a fun way. Some events include performances by the Chief Priest of Afaha Obuatha, traditional wedding dance, and drumming.

7. Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure

If you’re a couple looking for an adventure on your honeymoon, Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure is the perfect place. With activities like horseback rides and speed boat tours available at affordable prices, it’s easy to forget you’re in Nigeria!

If you’re a couple looking for an adventure on your honeymoon, Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure is the perfect place. With activities like horseback rides and speed boat tours available at affordable prices, it’s easy to forget you’re in Nigeria!

Located 45mins from Lagos in the Oriade Local Government Area of Ogun State, Inagbe has many activities to keep visitors busy. The resort’s website lists them as swimming, bird watching, volleyball and tennis courts, boat tours, shopping, and much more. But by far one of the most popular attractions is horseback riding along the lagoon.

Inagbe’s stables are equipped with quality horses both for beginners and experienced riders. The trail is about two hours long, with a stop in the middle where horse owners can offer refreshments to their guests.

Inagbe also has a good collection of water sports equipment, including motorboats, jet skis, and speedboats.

8. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is the perfect destination for any couple looking to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.

The resort has an intimate atmosphere that will make you feel right at home with your partner and loved ones while providing luxurious amenities such as perfectly manicured gardens and pristine ocean views on every side of the property.

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort is a destination for those looking to go on an excellent honeymoon while luxuriating in the soul of relaxation. The resort offers great views with gorgeous white sand and transparent ocean, which makes it easy to stay at Kamp Ikare beach resort for long lengths of time without getting bored or restless.

9. Whispering Palms Hotel and Resort

The Whispering Palms, Badagry

In the heart of Badagry, Nigeria. Whispering Palms Hotel and Resort is a haven for those who wish to visit Africa but don’t want to go too far from home. With its appeal as one of the most seasoned resorts in Nigeria, this hotel has gone through some moves over time- not just physical ones either!

Throughout all these years it’s become an increasingly sought-after destination by tourists who are looking for something special like honeymoon getaways or weekend excursions with friends and family members alike because they know that at The Whispering Palms there will be plenty on offer no matter what their desire may be.

10. Jaybee Beach Camp, Lagos

Jaybee Beach Camp in Lagos, Nigeria offers the best of both worlds for couples looking for something different on their honeymoon. Book a cabin or room and enjoy romantic bonfires with ocean views! You can sail at Tarkwa Bay and relax while enjoying delicious food.


You’ve found the perfect Nigerian vacation for you and your new spouse. It may take some research, but once you find the right destination, it will be worth all that time spent combing through reviews to ensure a successful trip. Best wishes on your honeymoon!

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