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Best Private Beaches in Lagos in 2021


There are more than 20 beaches and resorts in Nigeria, but most of our readers have been asking us about private beaches, as we majorly published a mix of public and private beaches in our latest beach article.

What is a Private beach?

A private beach belongs to an entity, a group of individuals, family, or a corporation. Indeed, a house with a beach may be bought. For addition, private beaches are sold to hotels and resorts.

Both these owners protect the land at the beach in compliance with local regulations. You are liable if appropriate for employing your own lifeguards.

Public entry to these beaches is not allowed until the owner allows it. If spotted on a private beach without authorization they should face a penalty of a violation.

Best Private Beaches in Nigeria

They are perfect for retreats, networking, or team-bundling. These spots are also perfect for having time to think privately and take you away from the bustling city noise. We have a list of some of the top private beaches for you to rest.

  • Oniru Private Beach

The best private beach in Nigeria is Oniru beach, the beach is one of the private beaches most popular in Lagos is Oniru Beach. It is operated by the family Oniru Royal and carefully managed, offering a quiet environment for a perfect period away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

In Victoria Island, Lagos, Oniru Beach is mostly used for special occasions and celebrations. You may visit the famous Oniru Beach to spend an unforgettable stay and a relaxing excursion with friends and as well meet new visitors.

  • Elegushi Private Beach

Elegushi Beach belongs to the Elegushi Royal family, one of the most visited and very popular private beaches in Lagos.

Elegushi beach is a perfect spot to spend a fun and eventful night out with friends, and is suitable for group activities and social gatherings.

Upon arrival at the island, you would have to pay an entrance charge of 1,000 naira and 200 naira. There are many hookah lounges, seating areas and restaurants accessible on Elegushi beach, which is a common spot for various leisure activities in the heart of Lagos.

Eleko Beach

Lekki, Lagos is host to another famous private beach named Eleko Beach. It’s a great quiet beach for those who want to spend a pleasant time without too much interruption. One interesting thing about Eleko beach is the fact that the resort is not as rowdy or trapped like what is obtainable in other beaches of Lagos.

The beach is the ideal spot for fun sightseeing and rest. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort which is another fun resort in Lagos is not very far from Eleko beach.

  • Suntan Private Beach

Suntan Beach is yet another private and well-kept beach in the famous city of Badagry, the beach is suitable for people searching for a peaceful getaway to the remote part of the ancient city.

The calm feeling and gentle calming impact of the sea breeze can be enjoyed at the beach. There are a variety of small huts, providing shelter from the harsh sunshine, you can also have a nice time on horse riding without breaking the bank.

Mind you it is important that you come along to the beach with your own food and music.

  • Baracuda Beach Resorts

Baracuda Beach Resort provides its visitors with a private and enjoyable stay. A clean, white sand beach is accessible in the city. Guests can use a basketball court and other sports amenities.

There is also a private space with all the requisite amenities for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Baracuda remains another top beach resort in Nigeria for an interesting private beach experience.

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