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Best performing Mutual Funds in Nigeria to Invest in 2021


Which are the best mutual funds in Nigeria currently?

Two things, huge capital, and strong business experience are required for an investment to be economically viable.

The enormous investment capital is needed, whereas financial knowledge is important to decide on what to invest in because not all investments turn out to be profitable.

Having enough capital and business knowledge are just a few many problems attached to investments that have made people avoid them but thankfully they are companies who have made investments easy and accessible to everyone.

They gather money from several people and then invest it into various bonds, stocks, and securities. They return profits at set intervals to the rightful owners of the capital.

What are Mutual Funds?

A Mutual Fund consists of a pool of money collected by various investors to invest in assets such as commodities, shares, money markets, etc.

Best Mutual Funds in Nigeria today

It is important that you to take your time to do some researching about the leading mutual funds commercially available and the way these funds have performed over time before choosing the right mutual Fund to invest.

1. Asset & Resources Management (ARM)

ARM’s Aggressive Growth Fund is ideal for shareholders who wish to see high growth in capital over the long term for funding education, buying property or leaving their loved ones a legacy.

ARM have over two decades of experience in areas of asset management, ARM Company has been Nigeria’s leading independent, non-bank financial institution.

Other types of mutual funds offered by ARM are;

  • ARM Ethical Fund
  • ARM Discovery Fund
  • ARM Market Fund

2. Zenith Equity Fund

The Fund is designed to help investors maximize profits at low risk. Zenith Equity Fund offers investors a relatively inexpensive chance to build assets at substantially lower odds than direct investment and higher overall returns than fixed income instruments.

The Zenith Equity Fund is an open unit trust system that invests mainly in Nigerian equity and fixed income securities of investment grade.

The Zenith Equity Fund is managed by the Zenith Capital Limited, a subsidiary of Zenith Bank of Nigeria. They also offer the following mutual funds;

  • Zenith Ethical Fund
  • Zenith Income Fund

3. United Capital Balanced Fund

United Capital Balanced Fund is a mutual fund that provides investors with an open-ended opportunity to take advantage of its diversified securities portfolio that cuts through various asset classes. It invests in fixed income instruments and equities.

United Capital has other lines of mutual funds investing, including the United Capital Bond Fund, the UCE Fund (United Capital Equity) and the UCM Fund (United Capital Money Market). You can invest in this Fund with just N10,000.

4. FBN Money Market Fund

First Bank Capital Limited offers advice & guidance, lending structure, asset management, and funds management to its shareholders, they also offer the sale of investment products and mutual funds to its customers.

As an open fund, the FBN Money Market Fund is investing in a diversified portfolio of elevated-quality, quick-term money market securities including Government bonds, Business papers, Bankers ‘ Acceptances and Nigerian certificates of deposits.

They also offer;

  • FBN Heritage Fund
  • FBN Fixed Income Fund

5. Stanbic IBTC Nigerian Equity Fund

The Stanbic IBTC is Nigeria Equity Fund (SINEF)  is a profitable open share bias fund with a net asset value of far more than several billion Naira under management.

It is the largest open share bias fund in Nigeria. The Fund invests a minimal level of 60% of its funds in the stocks of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) blue-chip companies while keeping a maximum of 40% of its funds in total fixed income securities (money market securities and bonds) assets.

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is a fully owned asset management affiliate with the Standard Bank Group, Stanbic IBTC Holdings, which is the largest African banking group.

They hold various equity bonds. Stanbic IBTC was named as Nigeria’s best provider of mutual funds in 2015.

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