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Top 10 Best Music Schools in Nigeria (2021)


Have you wanted to know which is the best Music School in Nigeria?  We have compiled a detailed review on the best music school in Nigeria.

But before we go ahead to list out these music schools and tell you a few things about them, we’d like to consider a few interesting things about music in Nigeria.

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Nigerians are one of the best Musicians in the world, is one country that takes music very seriously and we have managed to be relevant in most genres of music, be it hip hop, gospel and what have you.

Nigeria has one of the best if not the best musicians in Africa, our musicians are greatly talented enough that they are unmatched within the continent.

Little wonders Julius Malema of South Africa in one of his speeches while charging South Africans against Xenpohpobia attacks going in the country pointed Nigeria as a country with people who are doing great internationally the world of music.

He said our musicians are standing head to head with other well-acclaimed international music artists and that is a good thing to be coveted by south Africans in Nigerians.

So no doubt, our music school, and if our music is this good, how do we keep up the trend and even do better? How do we produce more internationally acclaimed Music artists?

How do we bring out the talents of our upcoming musicians? How do we tell the rest of the world that we’ve got it all when it comes to music? Hence the role of Good music tutors and trainers.

Well! there are a lot of Music trainers, tutors and music schools in Nigeria at the moment, but you want to go somewhere you know you can get the best value for money, it is why we recommend the Music schools on this page, they have proven track records.

What Can you Learn?

Vocal lessons

It is provable and testable that everyone can learn to sing, they grow from Zero to Pro, only if they come in contact with the right tutors.

Voice classes used to be very pleasurable and joy-filled one, because you learn to perform your favorite music in the best way that suits your talent and skills.

A good instructor will take you from the very basics to and take you until your first confident stage performance.

learning vocals, no doubt, can be a very complex and delicate job, but under the guidance of vastly experienced mentorship, you are sure to get good results.

You need to strive along with the teacher to make sure you get the desired results, vocal classes usually encompass things like: diction, breathing, articulation, the formation of a singing sound, and elimination of vocal clips.

You will also learn to sing in different genres while taking into consideration the stylistic features of music, mastering different vocal techniques.

For already Experienced Vocalists, you will work hand-in-hand with your tutor on the development of professional vocal techniques and opening of the stage image.

This level constitutes mix vocal lessons, acting and stage classes, you will be penciled into a true artist that is ready to entertain in the best capacity.

The overall overview of the outcome of your class will be something like:

  1. You will be able to perform your favorite songs using different styles like jazz, pop, folks, soul, folk and more
  2. You will also be helped to overcome the feeling of fear before the performance- a thing that is very common in new vocalists, you will learn how to behave freely and uninhibited while performing on stage.
  3. You may also have the opportunity to sing solo and improvise, sing as part of a duet or ensemble.
  4. You will as well master vocal techniques like subton, groul, strobass, falsetto, mixt, yodl, cleavage, vibrato, fry, balting, melismatic, and lots more.
  5. You will be able to perform at the school concerts on the same stage with other professional musicians and flows seamlessly along.

When you find yourself on the same stage with the musicians and look into the massive audience in front of you, you will come to experience polar emotions- from trembling knees to unreal buzz, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Piano Lessons

What is the essence of learning Piano without being able to perform the music of your favorite composers?

When on the Piano Keyboard you will be able to transfer the colors of the whole orchestra. A huge number of interesting repertoire of different styles from baroque to jazz will make your training sessions as fascinating and interesting as possible.

A personalized program based o your music aspirations and goals will also be of immense help, you will be taught both classical and Jazz Piano, most importantly from scratch.

Beginner pianists will be taught a good landing on the instruments which basically contains staging of hands.

You will also learn writing: notes, octaves, keys, duration, sizes, hand coordination, left and right pedaling and reading from a sheet.

For more experienced students, the tutor should play along with the work you choose, a lot of concentration will be made on the technical base> You will play scales, etudes, arpeggio, and perform lots of technical exercises too.

Well experienced students will form a repertoire of virtuoso works on different styles and several levels of complexity.

You will have the chance to participate in concerts as part of an academic ensemble or music group.

The overall overview of the outcome of your class will be something like:

  • Learn the technique of playing the piano in different styles
  • Be able to adeptly read from the sheet of works of various complexity
  • Get the experience of a concert performance: like solo and ensemble performance.
  • You can accompany yourself with singing along playing the keyboard
  • Most importantly, you will be able to pick up the melody and accompaniment by ear

Playing in Public can be a very exciting event for both the student and the instructor who has committed a lot and it’s always worth the effort.

Guitar Lessons

learning to play the guitar will give you a quick headstart to performing music from your favorite artists. can you remember how many covers you have watched on Youtube where artists make versions of their favorite tracks by singing and playing the guitar alongside?

Guitarists are responsible for setting the tone for any composition, be it soulful acoustics or frenzied drive. You will need to learn how to play the guitar to your favorite music which can get you a bit more exposure to start performing in school concerts or on the same stage with other professional musicians.

It will be soulful learning guitar from scratch, it will be more interesting if you have a patient and loving instructor, as a novice guitarist who can take you through the right hand and coordination and as well help you to master the techniques of busting and fighting on the example of simple works.

You will need to study the note, rhythm, intervals and chord structure, I mean to study a lot of them.

For Amateur learners, much attention will be given to the technical base (gamma, arpeggio, chord circulation). You will be able to learn guitar solos in different styles, learn the basics of improvisation and parsing compositions by ear. We also emphasize a lot on the game under the metronome.

Experienced students have got it going already, they want to get ahead to play complex compositions, study phrasing of famous guitarists and then learn advanced techniques of playing the guitar.

You will also need to learn improvisation and be ready for a lot of jam sessions with your instructor.

List of Top 10 Music School in Nigeria

1. Tonality Music International

You will agree with me that the best way to learn something is to work together with a teacher who is interested in your development, Well! If you are looking for a music school with a more individualistic approach rather than the group training then this next one is for you.

At Tonality Music they teach you from scratch, they devised the best existing teaching methods and most of their teachers and instructors are not theorists but active musicians with a proven track record.

There is a full-fledged music education and they move away from too many formalities so they can have a music school that truly brings music talents together.

Their students go to each new class with a new and great desire to learn something new or polish the passe material. Despite all their successes, they still feel that they are still at the beginning of the journey, and try as much as possible to do their best for their students.

2. Tenstrings Music School

Tenstrings Music School is a Lagos based music school and the most spoken of in the country. The music citadel has trained lots of musicians, and no doubt it is inarguably the best music school we have around in Nigeria.

Their training centers majors in vocals, dance lessons, sound, and audio engineering and Instrumentals. They have various courses spanning from 3 months to 24 months, if you are looking for a place to sharpen up your music performance, music production and vocals TMI is no doubt a good place to be.

3. Ellie Music school

Ellie Music School is one of the best Music school in Nigeria is lee Ellie Music school, it is yet another music school in Nigeria, based in Lagos, they offer intensive music courses and programs for all ages and major in foreign music and voice training which is a good thing.

One of the areas of their key strength is working with people who have speech challenges.

Arguably, the music school is the most sought after music school in Nigeria.

The music school was founded by a leading children’s music educationist named Laura Etemah, she emerged winner in the reality TV show- Star Quest in 2006.

She is well-applauded for being the first and only woman in Nigeria to earn a Masters in Music Production from a UK university so you can be sure that your kids are in good hands. They don’t have inefficient group sessions high but empty vague promises like “let’s teach you the piano in 1 month”.

4. Muson School of Music

The Musical Society of Nigeria located at Onikan, Lagos Island is no doubt another good place to be for those who are interested to learn the art of singing and other related aspects.

Muson has been established for more than 3 decades and has since been offering an impressive range of music courses and certifications.

The most interesting thing about MUSON school of music is their certifications are globally respected and the courses are delivered with creativity and passion.

5. Lani Stephen Music Insitute

LSMI is one of the oldest music schools in Nigeria, for close to three decades the Music academy has training music professionals nationwide.

Whether you have an interest in music management, music technology, performance and composition LSMI will help you discover and nurture your talent.

Their courses range from a few months to 2 years, and they are taught by industry experts who love what they do.

6. Strauss Schools

Strauss music school is an Abuja-based music academy that majors in dance, music, and drama. Straus is more of a place for performing arts, they have two major departments; Musical theatre department and Music department.

At Strauss, you will have the opportunity to perform alongside a string ensemble,  jazz band, and Strauss youth opera. Their products are staking out a sustainable career because they develop well-rounded and confident musicians.

7. Bola Are School of Gospel Music

Bola Are is a kids-centered music school that was established in 1976 to help talented kids in areas of music reading, listening skills, Instrument learning, and vocals.

If you are looking for a well-structured music school in Ibadan where you can learn breathing and sound production and other aspects of music learning, Bola Are Gospel music school is the place to be.

8. The Musicians Institute Festac

The musician institute Festac is a comprehensive music training center that helps prepare the artist for the best as he introduces himself to the music industry.

They major in Voice Training · Instrument Lessons, Rudiments of Music, Music Business · Artiste Development and management.

9. The Apostolic Music School

The Apostolic Music School is founded by Nigerian Apostolic Assembly in 1963. It specializes in teaching a broad spectrum of instruments, with strong classical discipline.

10. Piano Music School

Founded by the renowned piano maestro Steve Chord, Piano Music School is a fantastic global music educational school with a fascinating informative method.

They have no permanent location as they move from nation to nation from year to year to create a true network of highly talented pianists around the world.

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