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10 Best African Countries to Visit in 2021


Which are the best African countries to visit in 2021? From the wilderness to cultural heritage Africa is one continent full of life and adventure waiting for you to discover. We have come up this time with some of the African countries you simply need to visit in 2021 with a primary focus set on wild nature as well as tradition.

Africa is one of the most stunning continents in the whole world. There’s so much to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This article is the best travel information which will help you to discover the best African countries to visit.

With more than 54 countries on the continent, it is possible to e a little bit confused about where to go for your vacation and further making it somewhat difficult to plan your holidays. Vibrant towns, small rural districts, and amazing landscapes. Such kinds of stuff are made of Africa.

List of 10 Best African Countries to visit

We have put together and cut down our list to the best African countries to visit in 2021, our assessment is based on where you can catch the best of African cultural heritage and landscape wealth.

10. Malawi

if you’re looking for an African paradise without swarms of tourists, Malawi is the place to be, though the country may be less traveled it still has a lot to offer known as the warm heart of Africa the locals are super friendly and it’s common to be greeted by strangers as if you were friends.

this easygoing vibe can be found throughout this peaceful country which has never experienced civil war. one of the most amazing spots is Lake Malawi, a freshwater African great lake that is now one of the largest on the continent, this Lake is home to roughly 1000 species of fish many of which are not found anywhere else in the world so it makes for fantastic snorkeling and diving number.

9. South Africa

Even though the crime rate is very high in South Africa, there’s something for everyone to do and see, for those thrill-seekers go paragliding off a mountain, or do some shark cage diving for animal lovers.

You can as well take a safari through Kruger National Park- one of the largest game reserves in the world or head to boulders beach to observe a colony of thousands of penguins. For those looking for a more luxurious travel experience take a blue train trip from Pretoria to Cape Town where you can enjoy a five-star experience complete with Butler’s and a cigar lounge.

For foodies, take a wine tour through a vineyard or enjoy unique tasty meats like ostrich and kudu there’s no end to the amazing thing South Africa has to offer.

8. Zambia

Zambia is most known for its nature and culture. It hosts 18 fantastic waterfalls including the awesome Victoria Falls one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Zambia also has a unique culture as its home to many dozens of different ethnic groups and languages. Though Zambia is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa, it does have a history of witchcraft, channel your inner Harry Potter and learn all about the dark arts at the Lucassen National Museum.

Zambia also offers a variety of festivals and traditions throughout the year including the Kwan Boku ceremony where the Losey king and queen traveled down the Zambezi River in barges while onlookers celebrate with music and dance.

7. Botswana

One of the unique things about Botswana is its various landscapes, her nature-oriented visitors can see desert, bush, game reserves, rivers and salt pans, each hosting unique wildlife, there is the highest concentration of elephants on the Chobe Riverfront where you can also see hippos and crocodiles or even prides of lions that roam the savanna alongside more than 500 bird species.

Botswana offers the unique opportunity to see rare species like the black-maned Kalahari lion, wild dogs, and aardvarks, there are several options on how to see this wildlife, including riding on horseback.

For an up-close-and-personal wildlife experience or even on foot with local San Bushmen as they show you the local flora and fauna and share their ancient traditions.

6. Zimbabwe

This landlocked southern African country is definitely worth a visit, Zimbabwe has some of the most stunning national parks in Africa including Hwange National Park, the mana pools and Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe.

You can stay at a rustic or luxurious Safari camp where wildlife is literally at your doorstep. If you do take a safari there is certainly a feeling of exclusivity because they only take a handful of people in the tour’s focus on quality versus quantity.

Another great aspect of the country is its people, Zimbabweans are remarkably friendly and welcoming and love showing visitors what their country has to offer.

5. Namibia

Though known for its vast deserts, Namibia has unlimited things to see along the plains, visitors can watch the roaming desert-adapted elephants or watch a black rhino, have a midnight drink in Windhoek,  tourists admire the thousand-year-old Welwitschia mirabilis plant or the sculptural form of the coca boom tree, what about a landform so big it can be seen from space.

Take a wander through the Atocha pan in the north of the country a basin for water when it rains, a blindingly white salt pan when dry for a cultural experience.

Visit the indigenous Himba people known for their elaborately woven hair and for covering themselves with red paste to protect against the Sun and insects.

4. Kenya

Kenya named the safari capital of the world, can boast several national parks and conservancies to view some of Africa’s most famous wildlife, here you can watch the migration of over 2 million wildebeest, gallop on horseback alongside herds of elephants or have breakfast with a giraffe in Nairobi’s giraffe Manor.

For some great shopping, head over to one of the lively and colorful Maasai markets where you can bargain over handmade leather sandals, Beaded necklaces-Nigirina, Kikois, and artworks.

A trip to Kenya also wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of their beautiful beaches like Diani beach where the warm Indian Ocean is lined with silver sands.

3. Mozambique

you could lie under a palm tree at the beach your entire trip to Mozambique and have an amazing time, but this special country has so much more to offer.

Hike through the lowland forests to admire the scenic landscape and spot rock art created thousands of years ago, snorkel or scuba dive near one of the five main islands of the Bazaruto archipelago to see the unspoiled coral reefs dolphins, turtles, manta rays and whale sharks.

Mozambique is also rich in culture as its home to multiple ethnic groups speaking about 40 different languages, visitors can have the unique opportunity to watch them at Pico dance of the makan day people or party in Maputo the nation’s capital to some grooving Matta Bentham music.

2. Tanzania

perhaps the most famous feature of Tanzania is the Serengeti, one of the seven natural wonders of Africa but another natural wonder to see is the Ngorongoro Crater the largest intact and inactive caldera in the world.

The country boasts pristine wilderness and the largest predator population in Africa too, more wildlife take a guided Trek in Gombe Stream National Park to view the Casa Kala community of chimpanzees where Jane Goodall spent decades studying their behavior for climbing.

Enthusiasts hike up the famous Mount Kilimanjaro whose peak is over 19,000 feet above sea level after that long hike, relax on the exotic main island of Zanzibar with miles of tropical forests and white sandy beaches.

1. Uganda

Due in part to its troubled history, mass tourism is not a feature of this lush country, so it’s a great place to see Africa without the crowds.

Travelers will be amazed by the diversity of landscapes from rainforests to rivers to mountains visit the wonderfully titled windy and penetrable National Park to observe endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

You can as well walk through the Shi Valley Forest National Park where there’s the highest concentration of primates in East Africa, including chimpanzees.

After a trek through the jungle hike up the high Rowland’s mountains towards their snow-capped peaks or do some whitewater rafting in the River Nile, whatever adventure you choose Uganda awaits you.

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