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Aswad Ayinde: facts about the man who impregnated his daughters


Here is a story of a man named Aswad Ayinde, who resorted to assaulting his own daughters sexually and got them pregnant, in his own thinking he did it to escape the apocalypse.

Aswad Ayinde wife picture

Continue reading to find out more about how he sexually molested more than 6 of her own daughters and father many children through them, his court trials, life history, jail term, Fugees, Death news, Wife Beverly, Nationality, daughters, date of birth, jail term, documentary, family, songs and other facts about him.

Some still find it hard to believe that anything can happen on the planet earth, the life history of Aswad might just prove that to you. Many times the news of people putting up strange behavior make us dread to think if something like that could ever happen.

Who is Aswad Ayinde?: Nationality | Career

His real name is Charles McGill and lives in Paterson, New Jersey, USA. He is an award-winning African-American music director.

He came to spotlight after he orchestrated a mega-hit clip titled ‘ Killing Me Softly’ for the Fugees in 1996. Outside of the music world, Ayinde is a child molester who reportedly raped her own daughters by sneaking into their bedroom to give them lessons on “how to be a woman,” a father who turned his own female children into sex toys for no reasonable course.

One of his daughters, Aziza Kibibi explained that her father has been raping her since when she was eight years, Aziza disclosed that he usually rapes her every night and restricted her from forming any friendship with other kids, she couldn’t go to school, and they were homeschooled by their parents.

Aswad Ayinde wife

Beverly Ayinde is Aswad Ayinde wife, and she is the mother of Aziza Kibibi and her sisters that were sexually molested by their father.

Aswad Ayinde’s wife Beverly, said:

“I was afraid to ever accuse him of being demented or being a paedophile, I knew the word, but I wouldn’t dare use it because it would result in a beating”.

Aswad Ayinde’s Trial | Death

Aswad bagged a 90-year jail term in the US in 2014, at the time he (Aswad Ayinde) was 55 years old, the award-winning producer was first sentenced to 50 years imprisonment in the second of five court trials in which he was accused of continually molesting his six daughters, he was found to be guilty after fathering of six children from her own daughters.

In his latest trial, Mr Ayinde was proven guilty of having sexual intercourse with his daughter when she was eight. The second ruling that landed MR Ayinde an extra 40 years in 2011 was as a result of having sex with a different daughter.

In a shocking discovery during his first case in court, the former wife of Mr Ayinde disclosed that he started impregnating his own daughters to create what he called a “pure family bloodline.”

At a pre-trial hearing preceding the first trial, he also stated that “the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen.”

Aswad is not dead, he is still serving his jail term in the US.

Aziza Kibibi’s Experience

This was what his second daughter, Aziza, told us of the first strides her dad made in 1986. In order to persuade his daughters,  he deceived them that his actions will make them better women, the daughters lived their life from kids to grownups with this expectation.

According to him he had indulged in such acts with the mindset that the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his children remaining, he further disclosed that he and his family were chosen to create “a pure family bloodline” and the only way for him to be able to achieve such is by impregnating his daughters.

So the daughters suffer heavy molestation and mental degradation in his hands, In his inhuman behavior, he resisted them talking to people from the outside walls of their home, he usually hit them with bar stools or steel-toed shoes.

The ones who get pregnant were forced to have their babies delivered inhouse by himself, he resisted them sternly from connecting with other children and they were homeschooled to disconnect them from their peers.

For most citizens, Incest is horrific, but confidentiality among the perpetrators ‘ families is usually very well kept. The family of Ayinde was too frightened to have their trouble for an unimaginable period of time because they feared the repercussions they would encounter.

Ayinde also manipulated the willingness of his eldest daughter to help avoid sodomy for her younger siblings by pressuring her to fulfill his disgraceful sexual needs, leaving her no other choice than stop battling and permit him to rape her.

In fact, according to court records, over the years with his daughters, the self-made prophet is the father of six children birthed to him by his own daughters.

With his former wife, Beverly, he also had nine children, and with two other women another three kids. In 2005, Aziza Kibibi and her mother agreed to report Ayinde to the authorities, to end their time of suffering and pain. To them, it was easy to do this because Ayinde was on an official trip out of the country.

Aswad Ayinde was then sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2011, on 27 charges of aggravating sexual assault, sexual abuse, lewdness, child endangerment, aggravated criminal sexual intercourse, and criminal sexual contact.

In 2013, his then 8-year-old Aziza Kibibi got an additional penalty of 50 years in jail. This amounted to 90 years imprisonment. Aswad Ayinde is awaiting trial his 90-year term in prison and still faces 3 additional charges in other cases.

The oldest daughter is raising her family today. She opened her own catering and cooking shop and spoke about her pain to help others.

What happened to Aswad Ayinde’s wife-Beverly?

Beverly Ayinde is much alive and may have custody of the children fathered by Aswad Ayinde through his daughters.


  • Aswad Ayinde is a Sexual predator who molested her own daughters for years
  • Aswad Ayinde’s Wikipedia and Net Worth are not available
  • Aswad Ayinde wife’s name is Beverly

Aswad Ayinde Documentary Video by Aziza Kibibi

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