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Are there shoe designers in Nigeria?


Of Course Yes! There are brilliant shoe designers in Nigeria. You will be blown away with trendy designs across different designers and makers.

Nigerians have great fashion sense, they are more than people who just buy shoes because it is a necessity to cover or protect our feet.

Nigeria’s footwear market is multi-million and still expanding, there her notable shoe brands manufacturers and designers that have stuck around to give Nigerians the best of locally made fashion.

They have come to understand that Nigerians are tired of wearing just about anything that comes from the foreign market that doesn’t have a clue about the culture and fashion sense of Nigeria.

They have since taken it upon themselves to design and create something Indigenous and that which every Nigerian can gladly identify with.

In the past years in the country, several Indigenous footwear brands have come, and they have to stay because they just wouldn’t stop rolling out beautiful, creative and handcrafted designs to suit the different needs and fashion sense of every Nigeria whatever the age group or class.

I will like to talk about Few of such brands…Read on as I present you the top Shoe Designer brands in Nigeria

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