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Anivar (Singer) Biography, Age, Career, other facts


Anivar is a young pop singer, performing covers of hits of Russian artists and compositions of his own composition. The artist combines her career development with the care of the family, and her Instagram page is watched by more than 3 million people.

Biography of Anivar

Ani Vardanyan was born in Vladikavkaz on May 27, 1996. The artist’s parents had nothing to do with the world of show business, but because of national traditions, they liked to sing. The first person to pay attention to her creativity was her grandmother.

Despite the fact that Ani wanted to learn vocal art, her parents enrolled her in a violin class. After graduating from school, she entered a music college, after which she planned to become a student of the conservatory.

Ani’s creative biography began in 2013 when she quailed the hit group Mushrooms “Between Us Melts Ice”, which literally blew up the established space of the Russian YouTub.

In the first days of her appearance, the song of a student from Vladikavkaz garnered a phenomenal number of views.

Listeners were fascinated not only by the timbre of Ani’s voice but also by the interpretation of the famous song, which played in her performance with new colors.

During 2014, Ani, who chose as a pseudonym the sonorous Anivar, composed of the first letters of the name and surname, recorded several more covers of famous songs. Posted on social media, the recordings drew even more attention to the young singer.

Among the first compositions performed by Anivar, songs by Basta, Polina Gagarina, Egor Creed and the band Hands Up. In 2015, the young artist began to share with fans their own songs, many of which were written in school years. Ani’s work was played by Instagram, which she created in January 2016.

At first, there were few subscribers, Ani told Russian Radio, whose guest she became in the spring of 2019. However, the news of the appearance of the young star spread quickly, and the next year the girl was named the most popular Ossetian blogger.

On her Instagram, the artist posted personal photos and videos, talked about the secrets of fashion makeup and, of course, shared her songs.

Anivar Songs

As the singer says in an interview for Russian Radio, the songs have always been heard in her soul. Ani’s first song, which she posted on social media in 2017, is called “You’ll Remember.” Fans of the Russian stage appreciated the undoubtedly outstanding vocal data of the young singer, and the national color of her music.

In 2018, the song was filmed video clip, which garnered millions of views. Many viewers noted that the story told by Anivar reminded them of the experience of first love and growing up.

During 2018, the artist recorded the songs “Summer,” “Promise” and “Stolen.” Penetrating songs often sound on the air of some radio stations, and novelties can be listened to online in the official group Ani in contact.

Personal life and  Anivar family

Ani Vardayan’s husband is  Karen, they have both welcomed a son named and Vanya

According to family legend, Anivar met her husband when she was only three months old. For obvious reasons, the details of the first meeting with her beloved singer does not remember, but, talking about it, does not hide happy tears.

The second meeting between Ani and Karen took place when she was already a well-known Ossetian Instagram blogger, and he – an adult accomplished man. In an interview, the artist says that she could not resist the onslaught of his feelings.

Although Ani planned to focus on developing a music career, she married at the end of 2017. At the wedding celebration, the bride sang the song “Keep Me Tight”, which she wrote for her beloved. The singer posted a video of the wedding video on social media, which attracted even more followers.

Shortly after the wedding, the artist gave birth to a son. The star’s firstborn was named Ivan, his Ani calls his greatest success and his main man. Photos of her son, as well as husband Anivar Karen can be seen on her Instagram and VK pages.

Vardanyan’s subscribers appreciate her sincerity and openness, and every publication of the star, whether it is a photo from rehearsals or a new personal photo, garners a huge number of rave reviews.

The number of fans of the talented young singer naturally increases with each new song. In 2019, Ani Vardanyan released new songs “Falls Star” and “Without You.” The singer manages to combine the care of her husband and son with the development of the career of blogger and singer.

More than 3 million people follow her Instagram page, and concerts are expected in different parts of Russia. The singer keeps her social media pages herself, she is happy to communicate with subscribers and can fight back to envy, while remaining on top.

In the summer of 2019, Anivar gave its first concert in Moscow in company of Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak, Alexander Marshall, Anna Semenovich and singer Yulka at the Sochi Festival of Russian Radio Stars.

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