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Ali Ersan Duru Instagram, Bio, wiki, Personal life, Net Worth, Family & Other facts

Welcome to the information page of Ali Ersan Duru. Continue reading to find out more interesting fact about the prolific actors’ Biography, age, phone number, siblings, parents, Net Worth, career, Height, Facts, Wiki, Nationality and other facts about him.

Short Bio!

He spent his childhood in a close-knit family. The future actor was born in 1984 in Ankara, Turkey. His parents have nothing to do with the world of theater and cinema: his father is engaged in the tourism and hotel business, and his mother runs the household.

In addition to Ali, his four older brothers grew up in the family. As a child, he had the usual boyish interests, when he grew up, he began to dream of becoming a pilot. However, the young man was not well discipline, so their father decided that the youngest son would study to be a financier, as well as his brothers.

Ali Ersan Duru Net Worth

Ali Ersan Duru Net Worth 2021 UNDER REVIEW
Ali Ersan Duru Net Worth 2019 $11 Million

Ali Personal Life

The 34-year-old actor’s personal life is full of secrets and secrets. Such a tall handsome as Ali (his height is 190 cm, weight about 85) is hard to miss, it is not surprising that he had a lot of lovers.

It is known that among his girls was actress Bestemsu Ozdemir, and then on the set of one of the series he broke out an affair with partner Burju Ozberk. The loving young man was repeatedly spotted by paparazzi who filmed him with actress Jansu Tosun. He is still single and has no children, however, in one interview the actor admitted that he no longer mind becoming a father with many children.

Ali does not like to turn up at social events and parties, preferring to spend his free time with family and friends. He does not have the determination and perseverance that some heroes possess.


Starring in the TV series “Sultan of My Heart”, he became friends with Alexandra Nikiforova, playing with her in the frame of a couple in love. Unsurprisingly, after watching the series, many decided that the actors had an affair.

On their pages in the social network, you can find a lot of joint pictures that were taken outside the set. The performers themselves deny the close relationship, claiming that they are only friendship. Their meetings do not happen often, as they work hard and try to visit with their relatives more often. His family lives in Ankara, and Ali himself settled in Istanbul.

Despite the fact that the filmography of Ali Ersan Duru has already accumulated more than a dozen different characters, he is almost not familiar to Russian audiences. Only in 2019, the 34-year-old Turkish handsome showed his abilities on our screens, appearing in the form of Sultan Mahmoud II in the TV series “Sultan of My Heart.” The actor has already had a lot of fans from our country, dreaming to learn as much information from his biography. He is in love with his profession, so will not refuse to play any interesting role. Duru likes to read and watch fiction, so it is with great pleasure to take part in such a film.

In the actor’s personal life there were many novels, however, now he does not have a serious relationship. According to the handsome man, he could fall in love with a Russian girl, because for great love there are no boundaries. For Ali, neither education, culture, nor religious beliefs of the future wife are important, but such character traits as loyalty and modesty are obligatory.

After graduating from high school, Ali studied at the Faculty of Finance, and all his free time was lost in the theater circle. The young man came there purely by accident, making company of his classmate, whom he was in love with. He did not notice how he became interested in classes in amateur theater, and then decided to get a profession of actor.

Moving to Istanbul, Ali began to acquire the necessary knowledge of acting training. To pay for lessons in stage speech and singing, the future actor had to moonlight as a model and act in advertising. Relatives were discouraged by his behavior, as they dreamed that he would get a serious profession. Only after a while his parents and brothers accepted his choice, and then became proud of his work.


The aspiring actor received his first invitation to star in the film in 2011, when he was given a small role in the film “Time of tulips”. A year later he appeared in the comedy series “Thanks to Love”, where he played the role of Emre. His reincarnation abilities did not go unnoticed, so Ali was called to star in the film “Life Goes On.”

His career began to develop successfully, and soon followed a role in the military film “Chanakkale, year 1915”, where he was entrusted to create the image of the main character. The following films brought fame and love to fans of the actor:

Ali TV list

“Escaping the rain”;
“The cases are heartfelt”;
“It’s time for love”;
“Wonderful son-in-law.”

In 2017, the young man was invited to try out the new project “Sultan of My Heart”, the script of which interested him immediately. He always liked to read books on historical topics, and when he had the opportunity to come into contact with the Ottoman era, Ali was very happy.

“The Sultan of My Heart” (2018)

The trials were successful, and the Turkish handsome man joined the cast of the film. He was sure that this work would resonate with a huge multinational audience. His hero, Sultan Mahmoud II, was a versatile personality: he was not only a skilled general and politician but also possessed creative abilities, wrote poetry and music.

Ali Ersan Duru Instagram

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Interesting Facts About Ali Ersan Duru

1. In life he is a humanist, an optimist and a realist.

2. The actor is a very open person, so he expects the same from others.

3. Ali recently became a guest of Moscow, where he dreamed to visit as a child. Even then, the actor was interested in Russian culture and literature, reading works by Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky.

4. He is actively engaged in sports, which allows him to successfully demonstrate his muscular figure, driving many fans crazy. In addition to fitness and kickboxing, the young man is fond of horse riding and is a passionate fan of the Turkish football team Galatasaray.

5. Ali Ersan is from Turkish Ethnicity

6. Ali Ersan is 34 years old.

7. Ali Ersan Duru estimated Net Worth in 2019 is $11 Million.

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