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Health benefits of Agbalumo/Udara-African Star Apple


Agbalumo popularly called the African Star Apple has a lot of health benefits not known to many of its consumers in Nigeria. Today we will help you find out about some of Agbalumo’s health benefits and nutrition.

20 Health facts and Health benefits of Agbalumo-African Star Apple

  1. Agbalumo or Udara as called by some people has its own health benefits, just like every other fruit available for human consumption.
  2. Research has shown that Agbalumo’s serving contains about 67 calories, and this makes it a good choice for people with weight problems.
  3. Prevents gum disease in the mouth and helps to numb sore throat, it also helps to tackle toothache and other mouth gum diseases.
  4. Agbalumo is a fruit that is peculiar to Africa, which is why it is named “African star apple” in English. It is common in Africa because of its yummy-sour taste and gummy texture.
  5. It helps constipation
  6. It produces a satisfying milky juice when pressed or squeezed to the mouth, it also a gummy chewable skin that makes it a favorite among young school girls.
  7. Agbalumo is also referred to as Natural chewing gum due to its sweety gummy properties.
  8. Agbalumo is also rich in Vitamin C, 100g gram gives 25mg of vitamin C, Vitamin C provides protection from disorders in the immune system, heart disease and stroke, maternal health issues, eye problems, and even skin wrinkles. The body just doesn’t have what to use to produce enough of this Vitamin, so in order tog et enough of them, it is important we incorporate into our diet foods that can supply our body enough of them.
  9. Herbal therapists also use the tree bark to treat malaria and yellow fever, this they do by using the bark as part of some herbal remedy concoction. Agbalumo leaves are also used in treating wounds, diarrhea, and stomachache.
  10. Some unverified sources also disclosed that Agbalumo seeds are used to treat skin and vaginal infections in some particular region of the nation.
  11. It also has anti-oxidant properties that help to fight free radicals that cause cancer, cardiac disease, and other types of diseases to the body.
  12. Some pregnant mothers like Agbalumo on purpose, this is simply because of the acidic taste which helps to curb the feeling of vomiting during pregnancy.
  13. It also reported that consuming the African Star Apple helps fight diabetics through phytochemicals such as terpenoids, proteins, carbohydrates, Tannins, and flavonoids.

What is Agbalumo called in English?”

Agbalumois called the African Star Apple in English, Igbos calls Udara and Yorubas Agbalumo. In the world of science, the botanical name is Chrysophyllum Africanum or Chrysophyllum Albidum”

Whatdoes Agbalumo do to the body?

Itis rich is vitamin C, with 25 mg of vitamin C per 100 gram of the fruit.

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