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Adekola Tijani Biography, Age, Wife-Kuburat, Phone, Facts

This is the Biography page of Adekola Tijani. Find out more about his career as an actor, family, age, marriage, salaries, and earnings, net worth and other facts about him.

Adekola Tijani hails from Oyo, southwestern part of Nigeria. He was born in the 70s, and he didn’t start his movie career until 1992. According to him, he’s had a very horrible experience before he dabbled into the movie industry, but as soon as he starts filming he was able to attract a lot fans especially in the Yoruba frontal who quickly fell in love with his humourous and jovial dispositions in Yoruba movie.

He is a guy that will make you laugh in the movie even if you don’t want, he is very comical and always handles the best comedic roles in the movies.

He has had a growing interest in acting, his passion was seen him during the time he was in primary school during 1984 and 1989 at Oyewole primary school, Agege, Ibadan.

He proceeded for his secondary school education in Oyo town at Anser-ru deen Grammar School, thereafter he served as a baker where he tries to make a living.

He decided to pursue his ambition of filming, so in 1992 he decided to join the theatre group of Omoba Seyi Adeoye, there he met Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri. So when he concluded his secondary school education he and his new career partner Sanyeri decided to come to Lagos in 1995 in search of greener pastures.

Owing to his outstanding comical character in films, he got big in 2009 as he produced ‘Kamilu Kompo’ which turned out to be a huge success, and that singular production orders him to stardom and many more doors of opportunities opened. He is happily married, with Kid(s).

Straight facts about Adekola Tijani

  • He is one of the most jovial and comedic Yoruba actors in Nollywood
  • He also a movie producer, director, and actor
  • He also anchors traditional and Yoruba ceremonies and events
  • He was born in the ’70s so his age is 40 years plus
  • He is a father and husband and has welcomed children after 5 years of being married
  • The name of Adekola Tijani’s wife is Kuburat Temitope Adekola.
  • In 2019, he has been married for 11 years, he celebrated his wife in 2018 on their 10th year wedding anniversary
  • According to some unverified online sources, the actor may have more than one wife.
  • Adekola Tijani and his wife only had their first child on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 in Ibadan, Oyo state.
  • His State of origin is Oyo State, the southwestern region of the country, he spent most of his life in the region, so he is a Nigerian.
  • It is always a brutal pair and comedy pack when costarred with Sanyeri another comedian Yoruba actor
  • He was appreciated and well-applauded for his dispositions and acts in the movie project ‘Kamilu Kompo’
  • Due to reason above fans game several comedically stupid names like ‘Kamilu Kompo’, ‘Golugo’ and so on
  • The actor is NOT DEAD he is very much alive and kicking.
  • An online source cited that Adekola Tijani’s age is 44 years in 2019 and 45 years in 2021, he was born 1st of May 1975
  • He is also the same age as Adebayo Tijani, a namesake, and producer in the Yoruba Nollywood movie industry.
  • Kamilu Kompo, or Adekola as the case may be had an accident in 2013, which almost claimed his life, but thank goodness he was alive
  • Adekola Tijani has made a lot of successes as a prominent Nollywood thespian, he has had a lot of big breaks and achievements, his estimated Net worth is $300, 000.
  • Adekola Tijani’s phone number is 08038393727
  • You can also hook up with him on his social media pages, his Instagram has attracted close to 100k followers and fans of Adekola. Check him out on Instagram/adekolatijani1
  • He has a movie theatre and cinema outfit called Dek Films School.

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