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Adam A. Zango Biography, History, Wiki, Phone Number, family, albums & facts

Adam A. Zango

This is the Biography page of Adam A. Zango. You will find lesser known information like the actor’s Net worth, History, Wikipedia, Phone Number, family, albums and other facts. So if you think you know Adams well, then you need to read this to be sure.

Adam A. Zango Net Worth 2021
$1.5 Million

Who is Adam A. Zango?

Adam A. Zango with birth name Adamu Abdullahi is a notable one in the Kannywood Movie industry in Nigeria. He first started as a Hausa Hip hop singer before moving to act. The well-respected actor is popular for his impressive movie acts and has managed to garner a lot of fans who like to see his new acts.

More than just acting, he is also a filmmaker, Singer, Dancer, Musician. One of his most popular direction is Basaja Gidan Yari, a popular drama released in 2016, this earned him a nomination at the City People Award for Best Kannywood Movie of the Year in that year.

His big break came about as a Hausa hip-hop crooner, he was successful trying to achieve a blend of the western culture with the northern culture this level of creativity earned him a lot of loyal fans in that part of the country.

He decided to take things yet a little bit further by dabbling into acting a few years later, Zango didn’t struggle in the movie industry due to his proven track record from Singing Hausa hip-hop and much noticeably he is an actor with lots of passion, talent, and creativity. He always wins his fans over by bringing out the best in what he does and this quickly pushes him up the ladder in the Industry, today, Adam A. Zango is one of the most respected faces in Kannywood.

How old is Adam A. Zango?

Adam A. Zango was born on the 1st of October, 1985 meaning the Kannywood actor will be 34 years old in 2019.

Where is Adam A. Zango from?

Adam was born in Zango Local government, Katsina State, Northern Nigeria.

Who are Adam Zango Parents?

At the time of this writing, information on who the parents of Adam Zango are is still under review, as soon as we lay our hands on something factual about Adam’s parent we will sure update this page.

Updated: The name of Adam Zango’s parents are Mallam Abdullahi and Hajiya Yelwa Abdullahi.

How many Wives does Adam A. Zango have?

Adams according to report have two wives. He was married to a Shika woman by the name Aisha and they had many children together. In 2013, Adam got married to his second wife Maryam Abdullahi Yola in Abuja, Nigeria. The coupled had reportedly taken their love life from a movie (NAS) role they acted together and made it real.

While the actor openly disclosed that he had two wives in an interview, it is noteworthy that he also mentioned that he has been in a marriage that did not work out and therefore had to divorce, going by this it is not perfectly wrong to say Adam has more than 2 wives…but there is more to know about this actor’s love life.

In 2015, Adam Zango married another woman from Cameroon, her name is Ummul Kulsum, it took him some time to made his new love open to the public because of different suspicions and critics from fans. Zango who has had several sons from previous wives this time had his first daughter with Ummul Kulsum and the named their baby Murjanatu.

It is hard to point out how many wives Adam really have, some sources close to him have disclosed that Ummul Kulsum is his fifth wife and he parted ways with all 4 previous women. Zango was involved in 2013 in a scandal related with Rahama Sadau another prolific Kannywood actress who accused Zango of making advances to her behind the camera.

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Adam A. Zango Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Result
2015 Best Film for Gwaska Won
2012 Kannywood Best Actor Best  Actor award Won
2014 Africa Movie Best Actor Won
2015 City People Magazine Best Popular Actor Won
2016 Best Actor of the Year Won

Adam Hausa Albums and Songs

Xani gida (Hausa song)
Me kika rike (Hausa song)
Rikeni Gwaska (Hausa song)
Nisan Tunani (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
Babbar Yarinya (Hausa song)
Huhu Lahu (Hausa song)
Dan Kuka
Ina nan dake (Hausa song)
Adam A Zango Songs – Adam Zango Songs
Gwaska (Hausa song)
Soyayya da Shakuwa (Hausa Song)
Ki aminta dani (Hausa song)
Gamdakatar (Hausa song)
Soyayya dadi (Hausa song)
Adam Et Zango
Ki yarda dani (Hausa song)
Bayan rai (Hausa song)
ALLAH Gwani (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
Latifa (Soyayya da Shakuwa Hausa song)
Yar fara (Hausa song)
Aslam (Hausa song)
Yar fullo (Hausa song)
Yankan Baya (Hausa song)

Adam Zango Movies

‘Yar Agadez
Mazan Fama
Artabu (A Mazauna)
Rabin Jiki
Ango Da Amarya
Bita Zai Zai
Mata Ko ‘Ya
Laifin Dadi
Mazan Fama
Tarkon Kauna
Masu Aji
Duniya Budurwar Wawa
Baban Sadik
Addini ko Al ‘Ada
Zo Mu Zauna
Ruwan Jakara
Fataken Dare
Rintsin Kauna
Hindu – An African Extra Vagrant
Nai Maka Rana
Kare Jini
Ahlul Kitab
Murmushin Alkawari
Aska Tara
Matsayin So

Ummi da Adnan
Kundin Tsari
Soyayyar Faze Buk
Dajin So
Sai Wata Rana
Ga Duhu Ga Haske
Farar Saka
Bayan Rai
Kaddara Ko Fansa
Dutsen Gulbi
Ya Salam
Adam Zango Movies
Rai A Kwalba
Zarar Bunu
Auren Tagwaye
Dan Almajiri
Zanen Dutse
Babban Yaro
‘Ya ‘Ya Na
Ga Fili Mai Doki
Wata Rayuwa
Albashi (The Salary)
Adon Gari
Ruwan Idona
Gaba da Gabanta
Ni Da Ke Mun Dace
Rai Dai
Nijeriya Da Nijar
Soyayya Da Shakuwa

Kama Da Wane
Ko Lo
Rawar Gani

Adam A. Zango Phone Number

For those of you who are requesting to have Adam Phone number, we are sorry to tell you that at the time of writing this account on Adam’s profile his phone contact details are still very much in the review. It seems things are a little bit under the hood. But however, there is an easier way to contact A Zango using the social media contacts below.

**Updated: as we promise to update the page, Adam A. Zango Phone Number is +2348067132991

Adam Zango Quick Facts

Adam Zango is not a graduate because he thinks education is far beyond having a piece f paper called certificate. This is what he as to say on the matter:

“If an individual can make and contribute positive things to himself and the people he lives with; learn from them and give back that knowledge he has in whatever capacity, I think that is real education. I have so much experience in life and I am well educated in my own capacity. It doesn’t have to be a degree or Masters or whatever.

Adam Zango Social Media Accounts


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