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How to activate/Deactivate Idea SIM


How to activate Idea SIM is something most people are not sure about. Luckily, this blog post will do just that! This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to Activate Idea SIM and the steps needed in order for activation to be successful.

First, go online or call your service provider and give them your mobile number. They should then ask for the security code or password of your existing network provider. You can find this by looking at the back of your current SIM card’s packaging (or from their website).

Once you have entered the required information, it is time to choose a new number – one that suits your needs better than what you had before!

Steps to Activate Idea SIM

To get started, make sure you have inserted your SIM into a working mobile and it is connected to the network.

Next, dial 59059 on the mobile for verification, this usually proceeds activation

Relax! and wait for you SIM card to start working within 6 to 12 hours.

NExt, Dial 1925 and Follow by “1” to Activate to start using Internet on your Idea SIM.

Idea SIM is all yours!Where to Buy Idea SIM Cards

Idea SIM Cards are available in all Idea authorized stores, your nearest supermarket or convenience store. You can also buy it online from the website and have it delivered to you at home.

How to Block Idea SIM Card and Internet connectivity

Protection from fraud is always a concern for those who use mobile networks. If you have lost your SIM card and are an Idea customer, then there is one precaution that can be taken to avoid any fraudulent behavior: block the service online!

This will ensure that even if someone finds their way into obtaining it, they cannot do anything with it without going through all of the necessary steps in order to get around its protections.

If you’re on the Idea network and happen to lose your SIM card (prepaid or postpaid), here’s some important information about blocking/deactivating this type of device before handing over control–or at least being careful not allow others access because as soon as they’ve managed this step themselves, anyone else would find it difficult.

To block your Idea SIM card online, you need to do the following:

Visit and head on over to the chat icon at the bottom right corner of their home page

Click on this icon if you want a live chat with an idea customer care representative who can help answer all of your questions about blocking sim cards- including which one is being blocked from what number or service provider as well as whether it will be unblocked again for any given time period in case there’s ever an emergency situation requiring that access.

You may need to give details such as phone numbers, email address, name and query type after to get helped by the customer service.

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