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50 Top Nigerian Newspapers Online to read today 2021

Nigerian Newspapers today and where to read them online


Which are the top Nigerian newspapers online to read and keep abreast of goings in Nigeria in 2021?

One of the ways of staying updated with the happenings in the country and the world generally is by reading the national dailies. But today in Nigeria, there are many of those printed sources that carry false information. Therefore, it has almost become impossible to differentiate between the right information from the wrong ones.

In this article, we have revealed to you the top 15 Nigerian newspapers in 2021. These papers have been widely read and distributed across the country. This should ring an alert in your head, informing you that these sources are most trusted.

Top Nigerian Newspapers Online


The Punch is one of most circulated newspaper in Nigeria. Although the Punch was registered in 1970 under the Companies Act of 1968, the newspaper publishing company came into existence between 1971 and 1973 when two friends, James Aboderin an accountant and Sam Amuka, a columnist, gave it a thought. These friends later went their different due to political reasons.

Just a few years after their first print of the Punch Sunday editions, in November 1976 the Punch started publishing their daily editions, which runs till date. The Punch is designed to apolitically approach news reporting and also carry some footage of social events.

The current publisher of the Punch newspaper is Wale Aboderin. The newspaper is also currently recording a circulation of about 80, 000.

Punch Website:


Following the Punch newspaper on this list is another strong, hence popular newspaper in Nigeria, The Vanguard Newspaper.

The Vanguard is a daily Nigerian newspaper which is also widely circulated and read. This newspaper is published by Vanguard Media, a company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Vanguard was established by Sam Amuka-Pemu alongside other three friends in the year 1983. In June 1990, the paper was suspended for a while by Col. Raji Rasaki, the then Military Governor of Lagos State.

The Vanguard is one of the newspapers in Nigeria believed to be detached from political influences. Others listed as detached from political influences are Thisday, Punch, the Sun, and the Guardian.

Vanguard website:


The Guardian has been a news guardian of many Nigerians for years now. It is one of the newspapers believed to be free from political influences. It is, however, an independent newspaper published in Lagos by Guardian Newspaper Limited.

The Guardian is tagged “Nigeria’s most respected newspaper.” This newspaper company was established in 1983 by Alex Ibru, an entrepreneur, and Stanley Macebuh, a renowned journalist. Record has it that the Guardian pioneered the introduction of high-quality journalism in Nigeria, branded with thoughtful editorial contents.

The Guardian which was first designed as a weekly newsletter appeared first in printed form on 22 February 1983, but by 4th July, 1983 they already started making daily papers.

The Guardian Website:


This Day has been operating since 1995, when they published their first paper on the 22nd of January 1995. This newspaper publishing company has their headquarters in Apapa Lagos. This Day was founded Nduka Obaigbena who is still the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the company.

This Day is recorded to make a daily circulation of 100, 000 copies, and in 2005, the company recorded an annual turnover of US $35 million. The newspaper publishing cuts across the print, electronic and telephone.

As one of the top newspapers in Nigeria, This Day has offices and correspondents across the 36 states of the federation including the FCT. These correspondents provide rich contents which are demanded by their Nigeria audience.

This Day Website:


The Nation is recognized to be one of the top daily newspapers in Nigeria. Although the Nation was founded on the 31s t July 2006, in 2009 a survey showed that it was the second-most read newspaper across the country. Such result also came in 2011 from the Advertisers Association of Nigeria (ADVANS).

This newspaper is published by the Vintage Press Limited, with the editor being Adeniyi Adesina. Within two years of operation, the Nation gained nationwide circulation, becoming the first of its kind to attain this feat. The Nation is owned by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of Lagos State.


The Nigerian Tribune is another top rated newspaper in Nigeria. It is published by the African Newspapers of Nigeria Ltd. The Nigerian Tribune was instituitionalised in 1949 by the South Western Premier, Obafemi Awolowo.

The tribune served as the major mouthpiece of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s populist welfare programmes. This paper also served to good extent in defending the interest of the Yoruba nation, during the period when many ethnic groups in Nigeria were struggling for the top.

Even from the beginning, the Nigerian Tribune has showed major interest in leadership and politics in Nigeria. They criticized bad governance and leadership errors in Nigeria.

Nigeria, Tribune Website:


The sun wakes with the day and does this Nigerian daily newspaper. The Daily Sun is one of the top rated newspapers in Nigeria because of its widespread circulation and quality of contents. It is published by The Sun Publishing Ltd.

The Daily Sun got incorporated in March 2001, and in January 2003, they started publishing their weekly. On the 16th of June 2003, The Daily Sun came with their national dailies. The Sun newpaper makes a daily print of 130, 000 copies daily and about 350, 000 copies on the weekend titles.

On the seat of the Chairman of the Sun Publishing house is the former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu. The current Editor-in-Chief is Mr. Eric Osagie.

The Sun Website:


Unlike the other newspapers stated above, the Business Day newspaper is a top rated business newspaper. The Business Day has both daily and Sunday titles and it is the only Nigerian newspaper with a bureau in Accra, Ghana.

Business Day is a newspaper with insightful analysis on business, policy and economy of Nigeria. It has stood for its unbiased provision of informed analysis on politics, governance, social and economic trends, as they affect business in Nigeria.

Business Day was established in 2001 and is published by Frank Aigbogun and having Patrick Atuanya as the editor.

Business Day Website:


New Telegraph is another top newspaper in Nigeria. It records about 100, 000 circulation on daily basis. New Telegraph does not only target the Nigerian audience, but also foreign readers, in and around the country’s metropolitan areas. They try to present an objective and incisive digest of political and socio-cultural issues.

The New Telegraph is chaired by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu with Ayo Aminu as the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper publishing company. The paper also features both domestic and international columnists, who are prominent and professionals.

New Telegraph website:


Premium Times is a top Nigerian newspaper, popular for its investigative journalism approach in the information distribution market. This Abuja based newspaper publishing company came into the Nigeria light in 2011.

For their outstanding works, they have won several awards, of which the Global Shining Light Award is among. The publisher and CEO of Premium Times is Dapo Olorunyomi.

Premium Times website:


The Daily Trust newspaper is a daily issue published by the Media Trust publishing company. Although the company started publishing their Weekly Trust in 1998, the Daily Trust came to light in 2001.

This newspaper is a one that has gained so much popularity among Nigerians. They also have online editions of their contents, shared via their website. Due to the wide readership Daily Trust has, it is among the top seven in Nigeria in advertising revenue.

Daily Trust Website:


National Mirror is another top Nigerian newspaper. It was founded in 2006 by Prince Emeka Obasi. But in 2010, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, a Nigerian businessman acquired 100% shares of the newspaper publishing company, National Mirror.

The National Mirrors has various issues, ranging from Daily Mirror, Saturday Mirror and Sunday Mirror. These papers are widely distributed across Nigeria and thus, they have gained national recognition and peculiar audience.

National Mirror Website:


P.M. News is a top daily Nigerian newspaper, first issues in 1994. It is published by the Independent Communication Network Limited. The P.M. News circulates about 60,000 copies of their paper across the country daily basis.

This newspaper was founded in 1993 by Bayo Onanuga, Babafemi Ojudu and another staff of the African Concord. When they started, they covered news on sports, entertainment and fashions. Years later, the P.M. News was known for “guerilla journalism” and thus faced some political problems, resulting to their closure for some time.

P.M. News Website:


Tell is one of the most respected magazines in Nigeria. It is a weekly bulletin, published in Nigeria that presents objective business analysis, politics and other issues. Due to their remarkable works, Tell has received several awards.

This magazine is published by TELL Communication Ltd and it was founded on the 15 of April 1991 by five editors who had worked for Newswatch, another popular national magazine. The headquarters of Tell Magazine is located in Berger, Lagos State.


Nigeria has a lot of sports lovers. The Complete Sports is a national daily Nigerian that quenches the thirst for information of this teeming population of sport lover in Nigeria. Complete Sports makes a daily circulation of about 124, 000 copies of the paper. They have audience of the ages 13 to 55 years.

Complete Sports was first launched in 1995 by Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase. This Nigerian daily is also circulated in some parts of Benin Republic and Cameroun.

Complete Sports Website:

It has been a good read up to this point. I believe you have been able to know the 15 top newspapers in Nigeria in 2021. Do well to put your question through if you have any. You are also free to make your contribution via the comment section.

List of Top 50 Nigerian Newspaper Online

  • Osun Defender Newspaper
  • The Abuja Inquirer :::
  • The People’s Daily :::
  • Daily Newswatch :::
  • The Tide :::
  • Nigeria 24 News ::: to visit their website
  • Compass :::
  • Urhobo Voice :::
  • Weekly Trust :::
  • Imo Trumpeta ::: visit their website following this link
  • Daily Trust visit their website following this link
  • The Triumph Newspapers ::: visit their website following this link
  • Nairaland Forum :::
  • NEXT ::: visit their website following this link
  • Biafra Nigeria World :::
  • The Advocate :::
  • Blueprint :::
  • The Nigerian Observer :::
  • Africa Punch :::
  • The Times of Nigeria :::
  • Business News ::: visit their website following this link
  • Daily Independent Newspaper :::
  • National Accord :::
  • Nigerian News :::
  • News Naija ::: visit their website following this link
  • Channels Television :::
  • Nigerian Pilot :::
  • National Daily Newspaper :::
  • Champion News :::
  • Premium Times :::
  • Sunday Trust :::
  • Complete Sports :::
  • Daily Post ::: visit their website following this link
  • Businessday News :::
  • PM News :::
  • The Abuja Voice :::
  • Daily Post Nigeria :::
  • Nigeria World :::
  • Tell Magazine :::

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